I need help with this poem! I just need topics?

I need help with this poem! I just need topics? Topic: How to write a four line poem
July 20, 2019 / By Garnet
Question: Alright, I have this poem I need to write. The content doesn't really matter as long as I can act the poem out. Here are the guidelines for the poem: 1. You must write four stanzas of five lines each. You can write more than four if you like. 2. Your poem can be about anything but it MUST rhyme. 3. The poem must follow some sort of order and make sense 4. The 1st word of each line must begin with a capital letter and a subject (person, place, or thing) 5. YOU MUST MEMORIZE IT! YES! You will perform it I don't need you to write the poem, I just need some ideas. Maybe a couple lines or topics or a way to start the poem or what should I start each line with (it has to be a subject) or something. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks for your time!
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Best Answers: I need help with this poem! I just need topics?

Deshawn Deshawn | 4 days ago
I see you like basketball and Iverson. The Nuggets sure miss him. How about: Piston's hoops you must agree Detroit b-ball, don't crack your knee. Iverson's here so don't dispair Piston's'll get that ball in the air. And McDyess will have you cheer with glee! Sorry it's bad, but something to work on. The hard part is putting a subject (pronoun) at the beginning of each line. Are you sure that is neccessary? Also 5 lines is hard. Should each of the 5 lines rhyme, or can it alternate like I did?
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Better than I could do. But: My suggestion is to use better word choice. You use some words over and over again. The poem was very nice though.

Bentley Bentley
probably write about SEX or the environment or love or ur new lcd screen, "shining among the others , black and daring ... buttons make it work, pressing them while caring" just be creative the best way to get high marks is creativity if u stick 2 traditions u will lose marks !
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I like what another contributor said... "Take critiques carefully from the source, usually those who complain are describing themselves" which is not really far removed from one inflicting pain on another, that can be only because he is relieving his own agony, and passing it on to his victim. Jealousy manifests it's self in many ways. You cannot turn cold-blooded lechery into a virtue... Your subtly sensual sonnet is agreeable and harmonious. There are many instances, poetically or otherwise, when words are superfluous, which in itself is poetry magic.
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108 is the number of beads upon the Buddhist mala (rosary) and a scared number in other traditions as well Questor.... like the kiss - across time and space. `It glides with amazing poetic grace As though arrow unswerving in the breeze`. I`m not immune! :) (: this has me ponder upon the eternal`s Mercy and un-Mercy too! Quite an accomplishment in one sonnet upon an itty-bitty day. Things are Looking Up on here (for that arrow?) - fredric has Cupid too.. 9.7 Edit: Q, I read Gio`s comment and there`s an iota of fact though not in many of your sonnets which (like Gio himself) have the tendency to lyrical accuracy )plus wisdom x) yet need the `x` factor. Read my `Edit` to the `Robert` avatar`s question today.. a device I often suggest to have people`s emotion/ flow carry their meanings with heart. (It`s a device which I invented whilst teaching teens.. as you`ll see from my patchwork-spontanes I`ve never used it yet it has even worked to loosen up published poets I`ve known). (If you write 6-10 rhyming words per horizontal lne, your emotional memory visually gets educated) *hides beneath the table in case a kiss of a lightning-bolt arrives). Hate me if you like but I will still study/ be smote by some of your Sonnets . `As arrow speeds unswerving in the breeze`......?

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