What's high school like?

What's high school like? Topic: Fun writing activities for middle school boys
June 19, 2019 / By Evonne
Question: I'm going into high school and I want to know what it's like, tell me all that you know. Do people act more mature? Do guys stop acting retarded? Do the girls stop acting like they're all better than each other? Are the teachers more friendly and try to be friends with you (not inappropriately friendly)? Basically is it going to be better than middle school and how! Thanks! I WILL VOTE BEST ANSWER Btw I'm the shy girl who keeps to herself and when I talk everyone goes "OMG SHE'S TALKING!!!!!"
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Columbine Columbine | 5 days ago
Oh my goodness, high school is such an interesting place! Let's start with the basics. Friends: You know the saying "friends will always come and go"? Well that is something you will notice in high school. Most of the time, those you go into high school with that you think you are the closest to will drift away. You'll make so many friends and just as easily, you'll make enemies as well. You may make life long friends or stay in the same group you're in now. Don't be afraid to branch out, because the more you get involved with, the better the times can be in high school. (side note: I was in three different cliques and none of them seemed to collide with each other to be enemies with each other. It really was a lot of fun and there were different view points...very interesting.) Relationships: Relationships will come and go as well. You may be "exclusive" with a someone for a couple of days, and then you'll end up moving on. It's really just how it tends to go. Don't feel like you have to do something. Boys will try to tell you that "your friend did it, why can't you be like her?" Or try to shame you for really anything. If you are involved with that kind of person, get out of that relationship. There are plenty of guys that will be there in your school. Also, limit yourself. Don't be like the girl that goes all around the school with every guy, because you will be back stabbed by so many for doing that. Also, don't ever fall to pressure of doing something that you don't want to do. You aren't required to do anything with anyone. Girl Drama: If you thought that middle school drama was bad, oh my goodness you are in for a treat. High school drama happens in one of two ways- 1) You are involved in the drama or 2) bring some popcorn and kick back because it is about to be very interesting. Try to avoid the drama and just be happy about every situation you can. Don't get involved if you aren't involved. If you do get involved, make sure you know all of the facts of both sides before trying to help. Now the serious stuff. Teachers: Teachers are they to educate you, so don't look forward to them being friends with you. They do get friendly, though. You both will find common ground where y'all can agree and that could make your time in their class a little bit easier. Just be sure to do your work before talking about anything else with them, that way they know you aren't just trying to distract them. You will know when it's a good time to ask about their weekend, you'll even know which teachers to stay the hell away from and avoid eye contact with at all costs. Make sure that if you have an issue with a teacher, HAVE PROOF! And not just your friends backing you up. The administrators typically take the side of the teacher. If there is an issue, try talking with the teacher first though. You don't want the awkwardness of going into their class again after getting admins involved. School work/studying: Do remember to keep dates on EVERYTHING. That will help you in so many different ways when it comes time to study. Don't just write down what is on the board, because sometimes teachers tell you different things that aren't on the board that should be in the notes. Just remember not to cheat and to do your best, and you should be perfectly fine. Parents: They tend to not ask you to see every paper that you turned in during high school. But they do want to see your grades on both your progress reports and your report cards. Most school systems allow them to view them online now. So just try your best to keep up with your grades and try your hardest on everything. Extracurriculars: Participate in clubs! You have no idea how much that'll help you in the long run! Clubs, sports, and other activities will benefit you in so many ways. You can qualify for so many more scholarships, grants, and colleges absolutely love to see those activities balanced with outstanding grades. If you get involved in too many activities and grades start to slip, then just pull out of some activities until you feel you can take on the workload again. College: So this is like the biggest "DUH" that anyone can give you. In high school, everything counts. If you get written up, your dream college will know. If you fail a class, your GPA shows that. If you succeed, you will be noticed. Don't be afraid and hold back, give it your best. Best of luck to you on your future endeavors! :]
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Bernice Bernice
Before I start I want to say I'm like you when it comes to being shy. so any way I have been in high school for going on three years and to tell you the truth things don't really change with the lower classmen and the teachers at least at my school most of them are fun but some of them are crazy and mean, but in my opinion high school and middle school are not really that different. The only that is different might but the size. The only advice is just to be yourself and don't let people get to you and have a friend that will defend you if it comes to that because like I said nothing really changes. also you might learn to like high school by your second year or second semester. I hoped this helped you.
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Aerynn Aerynn
I ind high school fascinating. I had gone to a Christian school up until high school and I am currently going to a public school. I just finished my first year and I'm actually happy about it. Boys act a bit more mature but will never be as mature as girls ;) and it depends with your teachers. If you are a good student and say a friendly hello in the morning it makes it easier. Trust me when I say to stay away from the more popular kids though. They tend to be bad influences. I lost a close friend to them and now she does drugs and is possibly sleeping with people. But if you surround yourself with good people like you, you are set. Good luck :) it's not as bad as people say
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Theobald Theobald
Everyone pretends that they're mature adults even though they're actually stupider than ever, the girls talk a lot of smack about each other, teachers are the same as always
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Theobald Originally Answered: First Day of School outfit and High School Stories?
Hmmm. High School. All i know is that im excited to get out. Haha. As far as stories go, I have a lot. People look at you weird if you don't wear what everyone else wear, but don't let that stop you. People will like you for being yourself. The whole "stuffed in trashcan" in false. I have never heard of that happening, especially to girls, so don't worry about bullies. Overall, have fun =] And its good that you care about the way you look AND have good grades. I'm the same way. Good Luck.

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