What's Ariel Sharons status currently?

What's Ariel Sharons status currently? Topic: Search case status
July 17, 2019 / By Rheta
Question: Last info. I had read in haaretz about him was his coma and stroke for a few mos. after the incident. And when I conduct a general yahoo search on his name w/ a 4 2007date it just loads up older info. on ariel sharon.
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Mildreth Mildreth | 10 days ago
A case of coma that we call in medcine "persistant vegetative state" , i heard that from my doctors that his brain cortex is dead he lost the higher functions of brain, now he is like a helpless child who moans , cries and laughs without any purpose , sometimes he is comatosed and sometimes he opens his eyes and make any action e.g screaming! and he will still like that and never improve till he dies it may be also brain stem death , but i don't think so ,who knows???????! i think he must have committed a lot throughout his life to deserve that!
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Libby Libby
Ariel Sharon could be ethnically classified only as a Palestinian. He was born in Palestine in Jewish family, and before 1948 only Jews who lived in Palestine were called Palestinians. Even his British passport said -Palestinian. Arabs who live in palestine were not called Palestinians.
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Juliette Juliette
There are no news, because there are no changes... which means, that he is as dead as a stone... well, maybe they conserve body functions, but honestly, if the brain doesn´t work anymore - what for??? It´s obvious that he won´t get out of this coma anymore. Or maybe they already buried him, who knows??? Top secret!!!
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Glory Glory
Health wise, he's a mushroom. Spiritually and ideologically speaking, his views will continue to live on. A
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