How did you know that you want to become a doctor (or other professions for that matter)?

How did you know that you want to become a doctor (or other professions for that matter)? Topic: Planning and designing a research study
June 24, 2019 / By Shelia
Question: I am a senior in high school and will be graduating soon. I already applied to two universities and accepted to both. I am an undecided major though. With this in mind, how did you choose your major? How did you know you want to be a doctor and go to med school, etc.? Just a background information: I know I want to be in health care, I just don't know what. My mom is a nurse and she always tells me to be a nurse (or PT). It's a great job and have a good salary. It is only 4 years too but nursing doesn't feel right to me. The reason I am undecided is because I want to make sure, esp. since my mom told me no switching majors. I told her about my interest in med school and she's discouraging me about it (I understand her reasons. I don't study, etc. etc.). I want to say now that being a doctor is my first dream job. When I was a little kid, it amazed me and it felt right. After talking to my mom a little bit, I got discouraged (keep in mind I was probably 6 or 7 during this time)! By then, nursing is what I've always wanted to do for like 7 years. The reasons are that it seems 'easy' and in the Philippines, this is a lot of what people study to go abroad. When I immigrated to USA when I was 13, I changed my mind about being a nurse. I thought of becoming an engineer like my grandpa, pharmacist, doctor again, etc. NOW right at this moment, I am back of wanting to go to med school. I did a lot of research about it (even back then), their life, etc. and instead of getting discouraged, it actually inspires me and I want to pursue it more. I just.. I don't know if this job is for me and if I can actually do it.. Long story short, how did you guys figure out what you want to do as a career? Was your career (or if you are currently in college, major you are in) your childhood dream or did you just.. choose it because it is for the best? Please help! Thank you! :D Sorry it is looonngg than I intended it to be.
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Pauline Pauline | 6 days ago
I was so disoriented too on what major I'm going to choose, but I have options or ideas on what major to take. Back then, I was planning and thinking to go to the Medical Field or Design. I was so stuck, I didn't know what to take, either medical field or design. So this is what I did, during summer break, I volunteered at a a hospital and studied design (tutor). I enjoyed volunteering at a hospital more than designing. I really have passion and interested on becoming a doctor, I really love helping children. I am now currently studying Pediatrician, I really love it, considering loads of works you have tod (not even kidding). You have to work hard of you wanted to become a doctor, the amount of works are just insane. You need to have a study habits, if you are those type of person who doesnt want to study and prefer to answer questions logically, medicine is not right for you cause all the things that you're going to study is all facts. Therefore, you cant make up your own answer based on logic or opinion. Perhaps, I think I know why your mum wants you to choose Nursing instead of being a doctor due to the amount of works and years of years of studying. Since you've admitted there that you dont like to study, she worries about that. You need to have a study habits, start from now, train yourself. Well anyway, tell your mum that you're going to to choose a major that your heart tells you what to choose on, your interest and passion. You decide on what to choose, not her. Good luck!!
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It relies upon in the adventure that your a midget then you definately will probably have some issues, and while you're a huge then then there is a few problems. I say, in the adventure that your in the variety of five ft too 6 ft and eight inches then your going to be fit, for procuring the activity of a doctor.
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Marigold Originally Answered: What are some professions you would suggest I look into?
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