Where is the best place to stay in Bangkok?

Where is the best place to stay in Bangkok? Topic: The best case store near
June 19, 2019 / By Em
Question: We are travelling to Bangkok in May for seven days and would like to know the best area to stay. We're interested in visiting Wat Arun, Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, and any of the markets. Any advice on best hotels to stay?
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Christie Christie | 7 days ago
I was there in December just before Christmas during the protests. Because of the ongoing protests, yes, they just announced another set of protests. I would stay away the core of Bangkok, Pratunam, Siam Square, Old Bangkok, Chinatown and Khao San Road and Sukhumvit from Soi 1 to Asoke Road. Most of the protests are in Old Bangkok where the parliment bldg is and many government bldgs. Worse case is to stay in Old Bangkok, I have never stayed there I can suggest I-Residence Hotel Silom, I stayed there once when i needed to be near the river. It's one skytrain station away from Saphan Taksin station which is walking distance to the water taxis where you can take them up to Old Bangkok. http://www.sawadee.com/hotel/620324 It's also one station from Silom/Sathorn area where there are many restaurants, stores and a night market at Saladaeng. The skytrain station is 2 minute walk, there's a 7-11 store and McDonalds nearby Use either Agoda.com or Sawadee.com to book your rooms. I have used both in the past and they are discounting on rooms in Bangkok. To find the hotel I want I use Sawadee.com because its very simple to use on the maps. If you don't get suggestions to your liking read the reviews for the past 3-4 months and it will give you a good idea what the hotel is like. Agoda.com has a lot more traffic so read their reviews. Expedia.com and Orbitz.com you can try but, they are growing into this sector and do not have the variety of hotels that Agoda.com has. Another website is asiarooms.com is very good, lousy search engine.
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Avalon Avalon
I went to Bangkok last year. And it is an amazing city. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Sathorn. I really suggest anyone to stay in that hotel. The skytrain station is connected by a bridge directly to this hotel. So you can get to the sights straight away. To get to the Chao Phraya River from where you can reach easily all the sights you mentioned it is only one stop. And the most amazing thing is the pool from where you can see the Bangkok skyline. Unbelievable. I created also a blog where you can find more infos and pictures about Bangkok.and other great places to visit. Just check it out and contact me on my blog if you need further infos. http://www.placeadvice.com p.s. if you decide to book that hotel let me know if you liked it too. have a good trip comment to Rat and Miao I just gave advice about a hotel without link to the hotel so the person can find the hotel and book it wherever he likes. I do not try to sell anything. If someone likes to read about my experience ok if not, it is ok too. Do the websites you mentioned not have advertisements ??? With people like you people become upset to write comments and give others advice.
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Abegayle Abegayle
Rat is correct about the first poster being a paid shill. As for the "best place", it depends on what you want. If you have kids or have a desire for a suite with in-room washer/dryer, then I would recommend the Adelphi Grande Bangkok, for that and many other good reasons.
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Sterling Sterling
I like the Shangri-La right on the river and you can catch a boat-bus up the river to the Grand Palace
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