Parenting advice needed: kids' xmas gifts?

Parenting advice needed: kids' xmas gifts? Topic: Child writing letter to santa
July 19, 2019 / By Azura
Question: OK I'm worried here. I do not want to spoil my kids silly. I am personally quite well off - almost a millionaire at age 41. But I want my kids to know that life is not a matter of things, but relationships and our relationship with God through Jesus. So here it is Xmas time again. We went to Disney World a few weeks ago and my 8 year old son decided he wanted a "Disney Monorail" (electric) for xmas, plus a new toy for his rokenbok play set, and two new airplanes (models). Now realize his birthday is 12/22, too. So "Santa" is bringing him a monorail. But...last weekend we went to the hobby shop and he had his eye on a "Polar Express" train set. When he wrote his letter to santa tonight, sure enough, he put BOTH of them on there. Now I can easily afford to give him both, but is this the right thing to do? He doesn't have video games, but he DOES have a rokenbok play set and race car set. Am I spoiling my child and doing him a disservice? Thank you!!
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Abishag Abishag | 2 days ago
I tell my kids that santa can only afford to buy them one toy and I only buy one toy. This would be the case even if I made $200,000 a year. Why not, just buy him one because one is enough for anyone. Too, just before christmas, in the spirit of giving, go through the toy room with your kids and having them pick out the things that they don't play with anymore (throw away toys that are missing pieces) and then take them to the NOAH project home or the nearest homeless shelter or other place where there are children who will not be getting anything for the holiday. Call around, get your children active in the community so things don't get lost in the commonness of giving. This is what I do with my four kids before every birthday and Christmas so we don't have a surplus of toys floating around the house. They know the value of the dollar very well.
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It seems that your husband seems to be running from the responsibility of properly raising the children correctly. What he has done and needs to do is to have a long talk with his children without you at first and explain that he knows that there are two sets of rules, one with their mother and another with him and wife new wife, their step-mother. He needs to face up to fact that since he isn't living with them it will be even harder to gain their respect but if he doesn't, this will indeed back fire on him and his children will grow up to be more of a burden on society then he himself. He needs to stop running from his responsibilities and make a firm stand. Keep a schedule with them and force it without any questions. They need to be punished and if they decided not to come and visit with him, etc he needs to face it and take that but they will learn that when they come over your house, the rules applies to EVERYONE. Not just your kids. But in the long run, if they do not change, your children will start to pick-up on their bad habits and act out as well. So before you start seeing all your hard work go out the window, please allow him to talk with them, they with everyone as one big family and set the record straight. Stay on this path regardless and you will have kids following the rules if not, you may have to walk away before your kids are torn apart.

Swithin Swithin
He'd be better off with just 1. Trust me, because then he'll end up liking only 1 of them and spending more time with it. Personally, I'd go with the Monorail one too, it looks better.
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Pat Pat
I'd get him one not both there is not need for both. Also if the relationship with God matters maybe you shouldn't take the Christ out of Christmas. IMHO
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Loren Loren
Why don't you give him the one for his birthday and give him one from santa for christmas I don't think it will spoil him
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Jay Jay
I think you should give him both. Its chrismas come on. Besides as long as u dont give him what evre he wants everyday.
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This isn't necessarily parenting advice. This is a collection of opinions based on your own experiences and beliefs. But parenting goes a lot further than that. If you haven't been there and done that you can't possibly give parenting advice. There are moments when my 11 year old daughter might say something that gives me a realization as a parent. But this is purely accidental. She couldn't possibly understand what is going on in my head. When I was 11 my thinking didn't resemble what it is now after 3 kids and 28 years. However, I will give YOU some advice based on what you wrote. You are very self absorbed. And at 13 years old you won't be capable of entirely understanding what's wrong with it. But I will say that if you continue trying to shape everything around you to suit yourself, you are likely to have a pretty crappy adult life. Better start sacrificing your own "beliefs" and think more about how your actions affect other people's feelings. Else you will never have any real friends.

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