Is it possible to write a research paper in one night?

Is it possible to write a research paper in one night? Topic: Research paper writing tips
July 17, 2019 / By Clarice
Question: I am the biggest procrastinator ever!!!! I have an entire research paper due tomorrow and I haven't even started. Is it possible? Any tips?
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Best Answers: Is it possible to write a research paper in one night?

Beatie Beatie | 2 days ago
Oh yeah. I (unfortunately) do it all the time. My advice? STAY OFF OF UNNECESSARY SITES!!! I always get distracted and literally end up spending hours more on a project. Also, don't panic if it gets really late. An all-nighter here and there won't kill you :)
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Beatie Originally Answered: Is it possible to write a research paper in one night?
Oh yeah. I (unfortunately) do it all the time. My advice? STAY OFF OF UNNECESSARY SITES!!! I always get distracted and literally end up spending hours more on a project. Also, don't panic if it gets really late. An all-nighter here and there won't kill you :)

Adelphie Adelphie
I've done a 4 page research paper on Jupiter in an hour. That should be enough motivation. Just remember Wikipedia isn't always a reliable source. Good luck!
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Teige Teige
Get to work! Start an outline on your subject. You must get organized and start righting asap. Make an outline in the order of what you're going to write about. Example: Subject -subpoint next point -subpoint conclusion Get off answers and start working! Anything is possible, and next time, do it sooner!
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Phelim Phelim
If you know how to exploit the research databases on a good library website, then yes. If you're planning to do childish fake "research" via Glooble and Wiki-wacky, then no.
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Maachah Maachah
Haha i'm the same way...i suggest starting on it instead of being on here lol. But really you just gotta focuse and try not to get distracted easily or else you'll never get it finished
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THE HAUNTED HOTEL WEEKEND GET AWAY "Hi!" Kitty here. “I WONDER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO ON THEIR VACATIONS that could be possibly any more exciting than staying in a haunted house overnight?” I mused to myself, as I perused the invitation for “The Haunted Hotel Weekend Get Away.” It promised thrills and chills for all. I could hardly wait! Who knows? There may even be an invisible man inside my bed!! “If there’s something strange in your neighborhood -- Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!” I sang merrily. I wonder if my friend, Mrs. Peacock, might like to go with me? I’ll just call her and see. “Ring! Ring!” sounded the telephone. “Hello,” answered a familiar voice, “Hi there, Mrs. P, this is Kitty,” I replied. “I wondered if you’d like to spend the weekend at a haunted hotel? The staff dresses up like ghosts. Rumor has it, there may even be a few real ones! It should be a lot of fun!” “Nah! 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