My mom wants to move to europe?

My mom wants to move to europe? Topic: How to write a resume for jobs in australia
June 20, 2019 / By Eppie
Question: hi , my mom is currently unemployed and there is a company who is really interested in her , they had her send out a resume to germany , australia, london , and ireland . im soo excited but heres the issue. iam 14 in grade nine , if she gets the job and we end up moving , i would be going into grade 10 . so starting grade 10 in europe . the thing is im really nervous because i would be going to aprivate school but i dont know how the kids are , how they dress, how they act, what they like to do. would i be able to make friends easily? any tips?
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Ciss Ciss | 7 days ago
Consider yourself lucky if she does move you to one of those places. If you get a chance to travel, do it. You'll get lots of great stories and experiences to tell, especially about the times when things went wrong. You will be a more interesting person for others to know. That's just one of the reasons I recommended every parent expose their kids to foreign languages from a very young age. But even if you never studied German/whatever before, you will improve quickly by being immersed in the language. Fitting in at an English language school will be like fitting in at a new school in your current area, I'm guessing. Maybe the style of dressing will be different, but you can buy new clothing easily enough. Search amazon.com for "How to Win Friends and Influence People for Teen Girls" and buy it (with your parents' help with the credit/debit card payment), if it's not at the library. This book was inspired by the books written by Dale Carnegie, which I also recommend even though they are old; you can check out Carnegie's books for free at a library. I say that because you should make a high priority of learning interpersonal communication skills. Whether or not you leave the country, you will benefit from these skills when you are with friends, at school, at work, and all the other times you deal with people. Mastering them will make you seem smart, in control, and socially savvy. Social skills are complex. They take a good deal of effort to learn well. The ridiculous thing is that they are never formally taught in the school system. If you don't teach them to yourself, nobody will. It's amazing how people will ignore your flaws if you are really good in this department. If you make a long-term effort to do that, you will have a huge advantage over everyone else. There are lots of self-help books about improving your interpersonal communication. Search "conversation", "interpersonal communication", "etiquette", and related subjects in your nearby libraries' catalogs. Or see what you can find at a book store. If you're really hungry for social knowledge, you could add books about negotiation and conflict resolution to your reading list. You could Google those topics, but you'll find that books are better written and more thorough than websites. Read as many of those books as possible; each one will have different examples that you'll learn things from. Each contains the author's hard-won knowledge, the result of years of effort and sometimes suffering. Why learn the hard way what these authors have learned already? Why not just read the books? Once you've read the books, you'll need to consciously try to do the things they said to do, until those things become habitual. I take notes when reading those kinds of books. That helps me to remember everything. I've found that it's hard to practice everything after just one reading. Every once in a while, I reread my notes. You really should record yourself talking with people. Play it back later, maybe with friends or family members listening also. They might be able to notice something you are doing wrong that you didn't notice. You could keep a voice recorder in your pocket. They are pretty inexpensive. Or you can plug a tiny microphone into some cellphones, iPods, etc. If you really want to perfect your self-presentation: an excellent way to record is to set up a hidden video camera. Or hold a cellphone or camera in your hand, pretending it is not on, and keeping it pointed at yourself. You could even have a friend inconspicuously keep a tiny video camera pointed at you. With video, you can see if you are making bad unconscious gestures like rolling your eyes or looking bored.
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In order to legally live and work here, you would need a visa that allows it. Generally, that requires you to have a job lined up already and those are not easy to come by. For self-employment, it would be better if you were setting up a business that would employ others here. Right now is not a good time in either Italy or Spain with the high unemployment rates. Spain is particularly bad with unemployment over 24% and over 50% for people under 25 years old. You're going to need special skills, knowledge or education to work here; bartender isn't going to qualify. The consulate/embassy websites of countries you're looking at are good starting points for information. For Italy, the Ministry website for visas is here: http://www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp . Expat websites can also be useful: http://www.expatsinitaly.com/ . You might want to make this a longer term goal; it may be easier when the economy is better. Visiting is much easier. You don't need a visa to come and see the country for up to 90 days. However, it's probably a good thing you're not in the town where I live right now. We've had a significant earthquake this morning and several aftershocks including one as I write this. There's some significant damage in the area.

Bailey Bailey
For an American to are living and paintings in /europe is close to not possible. You have got to have an supplier to sponsor your paintings visa...and this implies you have got to be extremely certified. In your gift crisis, you're going to no longer be in a position to try this.NO European nations have handy visa specifications or immigration legislation...they with no trouble shouldn't have or wish immigrants until they're extremely expert and paintings certified. To immigrate to an additional county, you have got to first get a apartment/paintings visa and live there a couple of years to turn out to be a everlasting resident, then after a couple of years you may also practice for citizenship. Your satisfactory plan to to conclude school and get revel in for your subject of labor. You sound like a degree -headed younger individual...very dependable. If you wish a few revel in dwelling overseas for a 12 months, you would recall a operating vacation visa with both Ireland or Australia...they're the one two nations that presently have such agreements with the U.S.
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Adaline Adaline
it definitely depends on which part of Europe you go to. For example the way you would fit in in Germany would be quite different to London. Europe is a vast space.
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Taegan Taegan
You'll probably be in school with a bunch of other American ex-pats and so they'll be going through the same sort of 'fitting in' process as you would. They'll dress as American kids dress, act like American kids act, and do the sorts of things that American kids do.
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Hopefully he is a scout who is interested in you. However, your first instincts (creeped out) could be correct as well. This is not an area to take chances. One has only to read the disturbing headlines from around the nation to realize that a healthy degree of caution is in order when strangers linger around youths. I'm not advocating paranoia and undue fear of strangers, just a realistic awareness of risk. I would speak to the AP adviser to find out the story.

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