Can you give me advice? 10 pts for best answer?

Can you give me advice? 10 pts for best answer? Topic: How to present a personal statement
June 19, 2019 / By Shulammite
Question: I am just out of my awkward stage, and starting to get attention from guys. I still feel awkward, and this has presented a problem for me on dates. I don't think they really want to go out with me even when they have pursued me very hard. I think it might come off as stuck up or something. I also feel weird when they try to hug or kiss me because I still feel really ugly. Like they'll go in for a hug or kiss then start laughing and say something like "you actually think I wanted you??" I was made fun of REALLY badly in middle school. People tell me I'm pretty all the time now, I just don't believe them. How can I get over this?
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Pheobe Pheobe | 2 days ago
Although it's possible they are teasing you in the same way kids did in middle school, I seriously doubt it. I assume you are in high school, which is a different social situation. Everyone says you are pretty, so you probably are. The guys are mostly not making fun of you, like in middle school. They want you so desperately that they can't hardly think straight. People sometimes wrongly interpret shyness as a stuck up attitude. They think you are rejecting them! Weird, I know. They might say "you actually think I wanted you??" to deal with the awkwardness of your seeming rejection. Pretending that they don't care. Yes, rejection is how they might interpret your body language when you feel weird about the attention and touching. But that's not the only possible reason they say those things. Statements like "you actually think I wanted you??" are used by pickup artists and guys who are trying to have good "game". I won't explain it all here, but they are saying it strategically even when they really DO want you. Search Google for "pick-up artist neg" (without those quote marks) if you really want to know about their reasoning for doing that. Maybe middle school was genuinely harmful to you. It's a notoriously brutal time for girls. To get over this, you might benefit from a counselor. Does your school have one for personal problems or guidance? If so, take advantage! Talk to him/her. Search amazon.com for "How to Win Friends and Influence People for Teen Girls" and buy it (with your parents' help with the credit/debit card payment), if it's not at the library. This book was inspired by the books written by Dale Carnegie, which I also recommend even though they are old; you can check out Carnegie's books for free at a library. There is another book that comes very highly recommended by librarians, educators, and others (including myself). It is called "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives", written by Ruth Bell. It is partly a sex education book but it also talks about relationships and other things. Part of the book's genius is that it includes many quotes from teenagers, whom the teenaged reader is more inclined to listen to and consider relevant (instead of having only adults lecture and dictate to the teen reader).
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I think you need to work on your self esteem before you go out with guys, because from what you say about those guys and the stupid remarks theyt make after you have been out with them, shows that they are the wrong kind of guys, who don't treat you with respect. A guy who respects you will not hurt your feelings like they do and he won't kiss you until you both feel the time is right. You need to do something that boosts your self esteem. Pursue a goal or join a hobby club and learn a new hobby or perfect one you already started and are interested in. Mix with others of your age group in such a hobby club or any sports club and you will make friends. You are just insecure about your looks because you lack self confidence and because you believe wrongly that maybe every girl has to look like a celebrity. You have to find your own style. Find out what colours suit you best, what kind of clothes are nice and make you feel attractive, without going over the top. Find a suitable hairstyle and the right make up and that will make you attractive enough. Then all you need to believe that you are pretty and have the confidence to smile at people in general. A person who smiles seems more approachable and more attractive always.. but respect yourself enough to only date guys whom you become friends with first.. Don't let them start to become all romantic right away. Get to know a guy and learn something about his character and if he is nice then also be open to him and let him get to know you, start off with a friendship, that consists of mutual respect and mutual trust and if there is some ''connection'' between you then he will not make fun of you and you will both know when it's time to take the relationship to a higher level...x
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