Someone please give me some advice?

Someone please give me some advice? Topic: Throw out to use take in when done with your homework
June 16, 2019 / By Zavanna
Question: my dad is driving me ******* mad, i seriously cannot take his crap anymore. its not just that stupid "teen thing" that retarded parents make up so that they dont have to change the way they treat their kids, its literally how he acts around me. so, im doing my homework (and i have a shitload) and he comes into the room (we have a "family" room with a computer and a couch with a tv) and he sits down and goes "ahhh" like a ******* old man that hasnt sat down in days, and i dont know about you, but i cannot work wen someone is in the room, even if they're quiet. so hes sighing and moving around on the couch drinking his tea in the noisest way possible and i cannot work. for real. every time im about to type a sentence for my report he slurps his drink. and i was like "dad i cant really work when someone is in here so could you please sit some where else" and i said it very politely and he was like "fine, then dont work" and i said "i have a lot of work to do and if youre in here i cant do it." and he just keeps saying the same thing over and over again and then i say (a llittle bit angrily) "dad! this is the only place i can work and its not the only place you can sit, so i rlly need you to leave" and then he says "fine then dont work" again!!!! and then says "if youre going to be a brat then im going to send you upstairs" he finally left after an hour of me telling him to leave me alone and him threatening to throw me out of the room. he such a ******* hypocrite i cant take it any longer. here hes telling me not to my work so he can sit and drink a ******* cup of tea that he can drink anywhere else, yet hes always telling me to work harder in school even though i get straight A's and im trying as hard as i can. ughhhhh hes sooooo annoying!! SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE!!! im going to go ******* mad. my mom completely ignores what he does and acutually agrees with him. :( my mom completely ignores what he does and actually agrees with him. :(
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Shelena Shelena | 3 days ago
That sounds just like my sister. I'll be on the computer trying to work, and she'll come down and start singing or screwing around. I agree, it's impossible to work if someone's in the room with you, especially if they're being annoying. I honestly don't think you're gonna win by talking with him because he sounds pretty immature, so here are some other things you could try: -Get an MP3 or Ipod so you can listen to that instead of the annoying things your dad's doing. You'll probably still be able to work, and it will be a lot less irritating. -Talk with your mom and set up a rule where no one can be in the living room if you're trying to work on something. -This is expensive, but another option is buying a laptop for your room so you don't have to use the computer in the family room. -Or just do your homework in ur room unless you really need the computer. Good luck!
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Paulina Paulina
First of all don't curse its just annoying to read especially in your situation. Your dad did not mean to disturb you and he just wants to rest? Why do you let such little things disturb you. Manage to cope with the situation and don't let it get you angry to the point where you will hate him -.-. In the future, you will appreciate your dad for everything he has done for you. Parents always tell their kids to do well in school even if they know they are trying their best. They just want you to go to college and have a great life instead of working in some low paying restaurant..*cough cough McDonald's...
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Marielle Marielle
You need to come to terms that it's a family room, not your own private room. Your dad has just as much right to be there as you do. I suggest you turn on some music for background noise so his activities don't disturb you so much.
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Kortney Kortney
Sweetheart you need to calm down. Think about it your parents work to pay the bills and provide for you. You shouldn't treat them that way even if it is the only place you can do your school work.
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Jayla Jayla
your dad is acting like my 12 year old bratty sister. someone should tell him to grow up. haha, you should like prank him or something to get back, that'd be funny :) sorrry don't have any suggestions right now, i'll post again if i do. :)
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