Does this sound like a serious case of stalking in real life?

Does this sound like a serious case of stalking in real life? Topic: Cd case stands for
June 19, 2019 / By Fanny
Question: this guy who basically admitted he like me since last year texts me every single day (I reply hours or days late). He gave me a gift and cds to borrow even though I try to refuse and tell him he really shouldn't he insists. The thing that freaks me out the most is he literally figured out my schedule and the route I take through the school everyday and it's been less than 3 weeks since school started. It scared the crap out of me today when I turned the corner and he was standing by the stairway waiting for me so he could walk with me up the stairs. Only to turn around at the top and go back down the stairs to his class on the other side of the school. he also cut his class the other day to come see me at my lunch period, and he somehow found where I sat. he's a nice person and pretty well liked, but I'm obviously not feeling it. what should I do?
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Coral Coral | 1 day ago
When I was in high school there was a guy that was very into me, and had been for YEARS. Anyway even after school finished he was very obsessive....and started saying really freaky stuff. Like he was going to suffocate the girl I was with at the time with a plastic bag, and he wanted to poor honey onto my naked body and lick it off.........anyway it just got to a point where I had to cut him off completely. See for him, any attention from me (even the negative kind) was good attention, and in fact he thrived off it. He would take any reaction even if it was a bad one..So I suppose my opinion is that it is better to just distance yourself, don't get angry, don't freak out, just be nuetral in your responses. Tell a fib like you are really interested in somebody else (Or just not interested in anybody at the moment), and that this can't go on any longer. You can't help buy lie. And from there begin to stop replying to his messages etc.... I know it is difficult to avoid him completely since he goes to your school, but after a while he should get bored/over it. And I also know that it seems harsh, makes you feel guilty, but it is in both your best interests.
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Africah Africah
I think you're going to have to tell him directly that you aren't interested, and that he needs to stop "accidentally" running into you, particularly when it involves skipping class to do so. To the degree that you can, try to have a friend with you when you change classes, and in general try not to be alone with him. If he won't stop texting you, see if you can get a different phone number and don't give it to him. Make sure that your friends know that they shouldn't either.
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Thutmose Thutmose
Yes, yes it does. Everyone stalks a little when they're interested in someone ( but most don't make it as obvious as he does) he goes a bit overboard. Yikes David, sorry you had to deal with that!
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