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Origin of Man/Creation? Topic: Origin of essay writing
June 26, 2019 / By Florry
Question: Evolution, theistic evolution, progressive creation, framework hypothesis, gap theory, day age theory, old earth creation? What position do you take? Please answer the following questions: Hey guys I am in this course in college where we are studying both evolution and creation and I need some data for a short essay. The course is extremely interesting, not to get to detailed about it, but essentially it goes into the presuppositions, scientific data, etc... Please do not turn this into any sort of debate, I just want to know your opinions. Keep it serious and lets be mature. 1.How long are the days in Genesis 1? Why? 2.How old is the earth and life? Why? 3.Did man and apes share a common ancestor? Why or why not? 4.Were Adam and Eve real people? Why or why not? To anyone who thinks I am trying to get people to do my HW...I never stated that. In fact I asked for your opinions. I am actually writing a short essay, as I stated, and need at least 3 people polled. Thank you for all your cooperation, surprisingly people kept it pretty mature.
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Damiana Damiana | 7 days ago
I am a Young Earth Creationist: 1.How long are the days in Genesis 1? Why? When read simply, literal 24 hour days is what's understood from chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis. Also, the Hebrew word "yowm" is used, which infers a 24 hour day, rather than the words "'ereb" or "boqer" which infer a relative length of time. 2.How old is the earth and life? Why? Approximately 6,000 years, no more than 10,000. This is found from adding up the genealogies found in the Old Testament, from Jesus all the way to Adam. 3. Did man and apes share a common ancestor? Why or why not? No, the Bible states the first man (Adam) was formed from the dust of the ground and God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils. 4.Were Adam and Eve real people? Why or why not? Yes, I believe the account in the Bible is true. Plus, if you believe Abraham, Moses, King David, Jesus and so forth were "real people", they're accounted in the Bible as well. Then why shouldn't you believe Adam and Eve were "real people".
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Blythe Blythe
1.How long are the days in Genesis 1? Why? 2.How old is the earth and life? Why? 3.Did man and apes share a common ancestor? Why or why not? 4.Were Adam and Eve real people? Why or why not? I believe in both creationism AND evolution. Here's my insight: 1. This can be metaphorical. It may not be 7 days, months, years, centuries, nor millenia. There is no way to "measure" the events, but some believe the entire process of the big bang "becoming" the universe took 13-point-something-billions of years. The story in the bible is one among many, but it all religions say the same thing: something created the world from nothing and out of that creation everything else followed. This "something" or whether there WAS "something" is yet to be proven scientifically though there are plenty of theories. 2. Science says about 14 billion years, again, there is no way to PROVE this as nothing exists that is that old, even carbon dating only goes so far. So that was a mathematical computation. I'd favor that though compared to other theories. 3. Hardly. Man and ape are more "distant cousins" than brothers. We were from the same origin (but so was everybody else, birds and reptiles for example), until about 5 million years ago, we separated from chimpanzees (so far nearest relative). 4. Again, I doubt it... Nobody can explain where Cain found his wife, for example, unless there's an entire new race of people not made by God. Some say "just cause it's not in the Bible doesn't mean it's not true" ---- but then that would mean all the other things not in the Bible can be true. The only way I can rationalize it, is if they were Neanderthals or whatever the first man was.
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Aiyana Aiyana
The days in the creation story are a literal 24 hour period. The Hebrew word is "yawh" which means 24 hrs Adam and Eve were real people. If it was not so, there would be no original sin and the whole Bible could be thrown out. The earth is 6000 yrs old. Adam-Abraham=2000 yrs Abraham to Christ=2000yrs Christ to present=2000yrs Man and apes did not share a common ancestor. God created everything according to its kind. When some say the earth is billions of years old, they base that on carbon dating which is based on assumptions. Studies have shown that dating the same object can greatly vary from lab to lab. It is hard to believe that a big bang from nothing evolved into everything. I just don't have enough faith to believe that. What about dinos ? Read in the book of Job chapter 40 & 41. It tells us that man and dinos lived together. When God described the dinos that Job had obviously seen.
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Tranter Tranter
1. Nobody knows how many days it took God to create the World.. He does not work on our time system nor by man's understanding. God has the ability to have His foot in the past, present and future all at once 2. Same answer as #1 3. We do NOT share a common ancestor(my opinion). I am no descendant of a monkey 4. Adam and Eve were real people. I am not sure how to answer the why part.. Because they were man and woman?
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Reece Reece
The word 'day' can mean an era of time, and, just one regular day to God is hundreds of years to us. So, a 'Creative Day' can be VERY LONG indeed! The Scriptures that I base this & the rest of my beliefs regarding your questions on, are shared in the following articles . . . I will let you --since you are a student-- do your own research, BUT, provide you some GREAT sources that answer your questions *from the Bible itself*, which I agree with wholeheartedly: "Does Science Contradict the Genesis Account?" - When Was "the Beginning"? - How Long Were the Creative Days? http://watchtower.org/e/200609a/article_... "Adam and Eve---Were They Real People?" - The Genesis Account---Scientifically Credible? - The Bible's Internal Evidence http://watchtower.org/e/20090901a/articl... "Did God Use Evolution to Create Life?" - The Marriage of Teachings---Does It Work? - Faith Based on a Solid Foundation - What IS Evolution? http://watchtower.org/e/200609/article_0... "Is Evolution Compatible With the Bible?" http://watchtower.org/e/20080101a/article_01.htm .
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Maverick Maverick
1. The "Day" as described in Genesis, just refers to an unspecified amount of time. It couldn't refer to a 24 hour period, as the Earth & Sun were created on the 3rd "Day". In that respect, 6 "Days" may actually refer to millions of years. 2. No idea. Wikipedia states the following: The age of the Earth is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4.54 × 109 years ± 1%).[1][2][3] This age is based on evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material and is consistent with the ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples. Following the scientific revolution and the development of radiometric age dating, measurements of lead in uranium-rich minerals showed that some were in excess of a billion years old.[4] Life did not originate at the same time as earth, but the origin of life could be something as simple as a single celled organism that reacts to sunlight, that evolved & developed over time, and branched out into different species. 3. They probably did. Both are bipedal, similarly structured faces, hands & feet, opposable thumbs, and similar genetic traits. 4. It is unlikely that the Biblical Adam & Eve actually existed. Adam was created from the dust of the Earth. Eve was made out of one of Adam's ribs. Biologically, this is impossible. However, Jewish folklore has several stories of beings created from dust, and activated by the word of God, commonly known as "Golems". Essentially, Adam was a golem, not a human.
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