How do I find out what the offense was?

How do I find out what the offense was? Topic: Smart writing service
July 19, 2019 / By Fawke
Question: Yahoo answers evidently deactivated my bf's mail account because of some answer he made on here, how do I find out what the offense was and is there a way that he can get his account reactivated? Just to let you all know, they can deactivate any and all yahoo services for a violation on this stupid site, so if you want to be rude do it under an account you don't care about and one where you have nothing important saved on. I hope that if anyone out there likes to be a smart-butt they will think twice about using an account that has important letters and stuff stored on it cause they can delete it ALL!!!
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Cush Cush | 7 days ago
Wow...thats interesting, and horrible! Can you/he write yahoo customer service regarding that account? I would think they would eventually answer you regarding why they closed it. Are you sure it was because of Answers and not something else? It doesn't sound like good PR to close all account for answering in this type of forum. Oherwise, I am sure many more people will not have accounts with Yahoo...........
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Cush Originally Answered: First Offense Shoplifting?
Shoplifting in California, I believe, is covered under the topic of "Larceny" which can be found in Chapter five, in particular see sections 484 thru 502.9. Theft is divided into two degrees: the first of which is termed grand theft and the second, petty theft. It's grand theft if it's over $400. It's petty theft if it's any other amount (not covered in gt. Section 490 is what you want to concentrate on: Petty theft is punishable by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months, or both. My guess is that since this is your first offense (no priors), you won't get any jail time. It's good you have paid back the entire amount; yes bring that to court with you and provide copies to your APD (provide 3 to your APD, if you can because that person will need to retain one, give one to the ASA and then one to the court, meaning the judge).
Cush Originally Answered: First Offense Shoplifting?
Likely, yes. But, also ask the judge (or, thru your PD if you have not been sentenced) to impose the probation conditionally and that if all probation requirements are met that the charge is dismissed at the end of a year (or whatever time he sees fit).
Cush Originally Answered: First Offense Shoplifting?
Many judges will show leniency for minor first offenses. Especially if you have made restitution. Good luck.
Cush Originally Answered: First Offense Shoplifting?
the most you will get is probation and a fine youve done your time, you wont serve any more jail.... since you have pretty much done everything you can do to fix it....

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Technically that could be classified as a simple assault, so it could be a chargeable offense. That said, it was a major league overreaction - this guy "J" is a wimp. What you did probably was very annoying, but making a federal case out of it was silly, I would have just told you to knock it off.
Cush Originally Answered: Is this a chargeable offense?
Yws, it is a chargeable offense. It's called assault, and with a lot of schools having a zero tolerance policy, then that's why something you might consider to be minor is taken so seriously. "Doesn't intent matter?" Yes, intent matters, but try proving your intent was just to be playful. You might be able to show playfulness when you did it to your boyfriend, but you have no such relationship with J. You may not have technically stabbed J, but you did stab at him. Also, the pencil could penetrate the skin if more pressure was applied, which could happen if you lost your balance or something. So what you did could be considered dangerous and having a reckless disregard for J.
Cush Originally Answered: Is this a chargeable offense?
intent does not matter in court, the only thing that matters is what happened. it is a crime ( called battery ) in every state in the country to touch a person without their consent.

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