When you look for a job is there such thing as over doing it?

When you look for a job is there such thing as over doing it? Topic: Ups jobs applications online
June 26, 2019 / By Gabi
Question: Growing up people in my family always said fill out an application and if its men't to be it will come around if not move on. However, my cousin was insane. When he was in college and looking for internships he would over do it. He would email, call, show up uninvited. People made fun of him he got rejected from many large firms. my parents would tell him to be normal. To never bug companies but he did and guess what? His net worth is now worth 6 million dolors. He never gave a **** about bugging some people would give him jobs because they felt bad for him. Now he has his own firm. Why do my parents say just apply online and never show desperateness? Is this true
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Daryl Daryl | 6 days ago
The word is meant. Your cousin's diligence may have contributed to his success in life. Too many people take this lackadaisical attitude and expect everything to work out. You *make* good things happen. Honestly, your cousin probably did go a bit overboard on applying to jobs. Most employers are turned off by someone like this. However, some see the magic in having a go-getter, even if they were rude and inappropriate in the initial phases. That your cousin may have overdone it and alienated some employers doesn't mean that you sit on your butt and do nothing after dropping off an application. Your application should be neat and free from spelling errors. You should be following up with managers. You should be dressing professionally, speaking professionally, looking the part, and acting the part. If you don't hear back, you still follow-up and you can even ask for constructive criticism or what the application of the person they hired looked like (like experience, education, and even neatness). Jobs don't fall in your lap, 99.99% of the time.
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Breeda Breeda
No offense but your parents are wrong. No one is going to give you anything in this world. To get a job you call, you bug people as much as you have to until you get what you want. That's the way it is.
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Alexandra Alexandra
Because your the one looking for the job people need places filled. You can't overdo a job search just by applying so consider it part of the process. If places don't get filled jobs dissapear, the oppsoite happens when they do get filled.
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