How to effectively construct a short story?

How to effectively construct a short story? Topic: Creative writing and publishing courses
June 20, 2019 / By Gayla
Question: I have a bad procrastination problem and I have really bad writer's block. Tomorrow, for my creative writing class, I have to turn in a rough draft for a short story 5-15 pages long. I am trying to brainstorm ideas on what to write about and so far I've got- An alien invasion takes place on planet earth, but in the end it is revealed that it was actually the government staging the invasion to get people to conform to their ideals. In a wizarding world, a girl summons a dragon as her familiar- something that has never happened before. The people fear her and her power. Or I want to write about an "evil" character with good intentions. (ex. someone who does something evil for the greater good) where his actions are relatable and make sense, but his moral code is somewhat questionable. The thing is, with all these ideas I don't know how to start the stories themselves. I write a complete list of things that will happen, but I can't get to writing it without the plot moving too fast or things not making sense. So if anyone could help me, or are an experienced short story writer, please give me some tips and pointers and how to make a good, flowing, believable short story.
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Deborah Deborah | 10 days ago
5-15 page rough draft of a short story for tomorrow and you're just brainstorming? And then we get into you're even procrastinating more by asking random people online. I have bad news for you. Even if I had a story developed but hadn't written it out yet, I couldn't produce 5-15 pages by tomorrow. Worse news! I'm an author. I've written pieces that have been published. lol Here are your real choices: --You could always do a shorter paper on "What Procrastination Taught Me." --You can drop the course. --You can accept the failure. --Slim chance, but you could try and convince the teacher to extend the time you have. --Dazzle with your BS. (Judging from this, you don't have that much BS.)
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Deborah Originally Answered: How is this short story? It's pretty short, don't worry?
In all honesty, I loved this. I clicked on the questions, expecting to see some fan fiction about vampires or some gushy love story fraught with teenage drama and over-the-top-you're-trying-too-hard descriptions. I was, needless to say, pleasantly surprised. The reality in this story, the unashamed grittiness and plain honesty, was refreshing and beautiful. I really liked it. The only thing is that it read almost more like a poem than a short story. Especially since the characters remained unnamed and it was, well, really short. Maybe you could experiment with the spacing and lines a little bit if you wanted. Thanks for posting this!
Deborah Originally Answered: How is this short story? It's pretty short, don't worry?
You’re a pretty good writer. The story is spelled well, smells well, and has grammar that isn’t sick. But the story plot is a little less clear than it could be in meaning or intention. If you only want to write for people that can decipher your work you limit your audience. Generally, you want to write for the widest audience possible. If you make your meaning and intention a little clearer then more people will be able to follow your plot. More people being able to follow your plot means more sales. More sales means you’ll be able to make a living as a writer. I enjoyed the story but how many other people could? Best of luck.
Deborah Originally Answered: How is this short story? It's pretty short, don't worry?
I absolutely thought that it was great. It kept me hooked the entire time. The only thing that is missing is a cliffhanger wanting us to read more. Oh and you have too many I's but thats okay. It's still good to me. :)

Britta Britta
First of all, quit dinking around online and pick one. Second of all, if this is just a first draft, don't worry about the pacing or making sense. It's a first draft. It's not only allowed to suck, it's GOING to suck, and that's okay. I'm on the THIRD draft of my latest thing and it STILL sucks. It's a short story, so you start with the Inciting Incident. And if you buckle down and DO IT, you can bang out a first draft in less than four hours (assuming 250 words per page), especially if you already know what your basic plot is. I use the 7-point plot outline to help organize myself: http://chandlerbaker.com/2011/01/31/chea... Now. Get off the internet and write your story. You can do it.
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Dodge City, Kansas Circa 1876 "God Bless America" Subtitle....."God Save Miss Kitty" Matt Dillon and his girlfriend, Sunshine MacGillicutty, were spending Independence Day in Phil, Pa. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... In his absence, Matt had appointed Festus Haggen as Deputy Marshal. Festus was proud as punch to be left in charge and he made sure that EVERYONE knew he was in charge. Festus: "Say, Doc?" Doc Adams stopped and turned around...."Oh, Lord! What now?! Are you going to tell me for the 10th time that nothing bad will happen in Dodge, on YOUR watch?!" Festus:"Why are you such an old scutter, that's what I'd like to know?!! What I was a'fixin' to ask you is this...... When do the fireworks start? I need to be there to supervise and to keep vigil." Doc:"Keep VIGIL?!! Over WHAT? A few five year olds with their sparklers ??!!" He rubbed his face and started walking away." I have a question for YOU, little Caesar. When is Matt returning?" Festus:"Probably on Saturday, you old coot!" Doc:"Ahhhhhh, Saturday.......... (1) I will rejoice!!!!" Festus: "And between now and when Matthew gets back, nothing bad is going to happen in Dodge ...... (3)Not on MY watch!!" Miss Kitty Russell was going to deliver the Fourth of July speech that evening. Doc and ....well, the WHOLE of town , were a bit worried: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alflick_suc... Kitty had developed quite a drinking problem since Matt had left her for Sunshine MacGillicutty. However, since she was the major benefactor of the evening's events, she grabbed the opportunity to speak. (2) "My fellow Americans........" She practiced her speech all day long. Unfortunately, she also DRANK all day long: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] By the time she was due on stage, she was soused!! On her way to the dais,she tripped over her boa and fell into Preacher Profitt's lap: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/IT/images/surprisedMan.jpg In his attempt to disentangle from her, he spilled his lemonade all over his wife: http://www.flickr.com/photos/meagain-debbie/483010754/ Laughter broke out as she finally staggered to the stage. " My fellow Americans. *hic* The reason for tonight's celebration is quite obvious.........Any fool knows THAT. But.......... Can anyone tell me why Matt left me for that nincompoop from Virginia??!! Huh?!" Dead silence. "HA!! It's even a mystery to YOU!!! What on EARTH does he see in her?! I mean....Come on. She's a show-off, an idiot and , as we ALL know........A nemphomaniac ....The woman is highly libidious and PERSONALLY........(6) I think she needs help!!" She turned to Doc....."Is there a doctor in the house? * hic* She finally ended her speech : "And in conclusion, I wish to say, Happy 100th birthday to America and may Sunshine MacGillicutty, that ignorant ****, fall off a cliff ! " She turned to the Dodge City Cowboy Band : http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/460449227/ "And now, before the boys in the band play a rousing rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," I would like to sing, (5)" God Bless America." ♫ " God bless America. Matt Dillon you're a cad. Stand beside her. And guide her. Sunshine Mac-Guill-i-cutty is so bad. From the mountains. To the prairies. I scream in my disMAAAAAAAAAAY. God bless America. Sun-shine please go aWAAAAAAAAAY. God bless America. I'm living for that day.♫".
Britta Originally Answered: Can you construct?
One Sunday morning, Nurse Sue was going about her AM work of bathing her elderly patients. To make light work, she would sing hymns with them such as "Just as I am," which was a favorite. Also, "I Will Rejoice" would be a request from time to time. When all of a sudden, "Laughter Broke Out" as one fellow escaped down the stairs wearing nothing but a smile! Nurse Sue screamed "NOT on my watch!" Aides came rushing. "I think she needs help," one exclaimed. Without further ado the patient was recovered (figuratively and literally). And that "My Fellow Americans," is a little snippet of the true life of a nurse! "God Bless America!"

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