Can someone give me some college advice &how i can get accepted to a uc? currently a jr in hs soon to be a sr.

Can someone give me some college advice &how i can get accepted to a uc? currently a jr in hs soon to be a sr. Topic: Getting started on a personal statement
July 17, 2019 / By Ailene
Question: hi, i'm a jr. in high school. and i was wondering what's the average scores for sats 1 & 2, gpa, etc. to get into a uc like davis or irvine. and how much more do i need to improve. please give me contructive criticism since i'm sharing my scores with you, and because i feel like i'm not going to go anywhere in my college life, i REALLY want to get into a UC. 1. my first sat1 (still need to retake): Critical Reading 440 Math 430 Writing 480 Multiple Choice 45 Essay 8 out of 12 2. sat2 subject (am i allowed to retake the same subject twice?): -Literature 430 - Chinese with Listening 590 Reading 64 Listening 62 Usage 59 3. my accumulative is roughly 3.3 4. interact for 3 yrs. 5. star testing aka california state testing: +biology was my highest, even higher than english. 6. sophmore year: +won 1st place @ the district science fair +2nd place for county science fair +apworld hist. (did horribly 1st sem.,C+ sec sem.) i forgot to mention: +chinese school every saturday since i was 6. +i'm taking my star testing (CSAT) so hopefully i'll be able to pass enough sections in order to recieve a national merit award on my diploma next year. + my class choices next year are: 1. AP english language 2. Math Analysis 3. Physiology 4. AP gov/ econ 5. leadership 6. art 2 other questions: + is it possible to take the same subject test twice, with the intentions for the college to take my higher score? + my dad just said that since my sister goes to UCD, it may give me a slightly better chance in getting accepted. is that true? i beg to differ; kinda pessimistic. & i'd like to thank those of whose providing me with advice, it's quite helpful (: i blanked out in the last details again: +i'll also be in link crew next year - i just did an interview today for the position of link crew commisioner. (i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that i get at least 1 out of the 4 positions open)
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Best Answers: Can someone give me some college advice &how i can get accepted to a uc? currently a jr in hs soon to be a sr.

Tod Tod | 4 days ago
hmm, you seem impressive although your GPA can use a boost, I recommend that you take as many AP's in your senior year as possible, and try to ace them, if you do ace them your GPA will increase quite a bit since AP's have an extra point (5 instead of 4 pts for A's) you and I have similar SAT scores, make sure your personal statement essays are based on 2 different things so that you don't seem narrowminded, express your struggles with great detail, I suggest that you start a club or 2, and join as many others as you possibly can, I was president of 5 clubs and had my own program as well, my UC GPA was a flat 4.0, I took 7 Ap's through my high school years, I got accepted into UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, and UC San Diego, well, I hope this helped, good luck in your endeavors! you can contact me on msn if you'd like: [email protected] FYI: for the person who posted above me, getting into UCLA/USC is extremely difficult, I do not know of one person with a GPA below 4.2 who got into UCLA, and for USC, the students who got admitted this year had SAT scores in the 95 percentiles, moreover, your GPA and SAT scores don't determine your intelligence, I have a friend who I think is an absolute genius yet only has a GPA of 3.3, moreover my SAT scores were low too, but I have accomplished a lot in life! your concern and desire to excel in your studies and get into a good university already proves that you are in fact, very intelligent
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Tod Originally Answered: Anyone who got accepted to USC from a college, please give me a hand?
Hi! I actually have a friend whose old roommate got accepted here at USC from Fullerton this last fall, so I'm sure your chances are pretty good. As for GEs, take a few if you can, it will help. Especially writing, because the introductory writing class here is miserable. Also, probably don't worry about the diversity requirement, because they're pretty picky as to what they'll accept-I took a mulitcultural class my freshman year and it didn't even count for diversity. In essays/apps, they definitely look for leadership experience or in your case perhaps why you're so interested in the major you want to pursue and what experience you have in it so far. My SATs were 1360 combined math/verbal...which is about average for this school overall, but I honestly don't think they look at that as much as how you present yourself overall. Hope that helps a bit...and good luck to ya!
Tod Originally Answered: Anyone who got accepted to USC from a college, please give me a hand?
Yes, but most don't cause is too expesive ! Why not UC instead, they just about as good or better than USC, USC you will paid a least more than double than UC and 3X than Cal state.

Randy Randy
You're not like super smart, but smart enough to get into like UCLA probably or USC or Davis. I mean your SAT scores are like average. Chinese really good. I'm Chinese too and soo easy. We should hook up. Just sayin. Science fair is a big plus. But that AP history kinda kills it. It's really not that hard, but that kinda depends on your teacher. What you need is like 200 volunteer hours, and maybe some leadership positions like student council. I regret not being involed in leadership opportunities. Add me to ur contact if u want. I'm same age.
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Randy Originally Answered: Worried about getting into a college? Please give me advice?
Try not to stress out too hard, you are only a junior. I know it might seem hard to believe, but a lot of things can change (your personality, your interests, your living preferences, etc.) from now to the time that you start sending in your college applications. I made the mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket, and worrying about minor details instead of working hard to maintain the big picture--try not to do the same thing. It seems like you are doing really great in school so far, keep it up! It's hard to determine what your chances for admission are without knowing the selectivity of your top choice, but it seems like you have many bases covered (academics, extracurriculars, and distinction). Maybe you could try to overcome some of your shyness by reaching out to people you know through the clubs and groups you are in? It might seem scary at first, but exposing yourself to social situations is the best and only way to improve social anxiety. I would apply to multiple colleges, and schedule the interviews for them before the interview for your top choice school. That way by the time your top-choice college interview rolls around you will have plenty of practice and you will know what to expect. Also doing research ahead of time never hurt--there are many online forums were people list questions that specific colleges ask during the interview. http://theivycoach.com/the-ivy-coach-blo... Here are some helpful links regarding becoming a pharmacist: https://careervillage.org/questions/1246... http://careerplanning.about.com/u/ua/occ... http://work.chron.com/major-duties-responsibilities-being-pharmacist-12230.html http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/jobcenter/workplace/healthcare/2002-11-19-pharmacy-skills_x.htm It is absolutely crucial that a pharmacist have strong communication skills and a desire to work with people. You may want to consider other career paths related to pharmacology if you think your social anxiety will hinder you. http://healthcareers.about.com/od/healthcareerprofiles/f/RxJobOptions.htm http://www.phrmafoundation.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=54 Also, don't be afraid to explore other career options and interests, even if that means focusing on a school other than the one you already have your sights on.
Randy Originally Answered: Worried about getting into a college? Please give me advice?
Right now I am a freshman college student with junior standings at a university. I have to say, you are in a really great position. Your GPA (is it weighted or unweighted?) is pretty high in a 4.0 scale. Great that you are taking honors. Your extracurriculars, which high end universities like to see, are spot on. You have various activities. Each college has their own standards, but you seem to be a great applicant for even the Ivies. Just make sure to do great on the SAT/ ACT, maintain you're gpa, and write a good essay if needed. Head's up. If you have to chance to take dual enrollment , take it. AFter passing the class, you will save a lot of money during your college career. AP's are great. Take as much college courses as you can without it hindering your academic quality. What college is it by the way? Also, would you like doing pharmacy? Do things that you will like do to.

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