I reported child abuse on several occasions in regards to my kids do I lose my rights as a father?

I reported child abuse on several occasions in regards to my kids do I lose my rights as a father? Topic: True criminal case stories
July 17, 2019 / By Sarina
Question: Well my children were taken from my home by their mother in 0ct09 after our first DCFS case ended I tried to get help finding them but the worker nor the police could locate them. Feb 2010 she returns to my home and attacks me with a butcher beats me and cuts my hair. I called 911 but when they get there she lied and said that was her house and I didn't live there so I got arrested. While in jail she took everything I owned and the house belonged to my parents and the helped furnish and were unaware I was in jail. She took my car and clothes everything. Ok then in March 2010 she shows up at my new place and stabbed me several times over the head with the key to my car. While she was doing that the kids got out of the car and when she fled after a roommate and neighbor came to see why I was screaming for help. The kids stayed with me and I called the social worker and her supervisor to report the abuse the mother had been doing. I was a teacher’s aide and state mandated reporter of abuse but when they did their investigation they just asked the mom what happened and I was accused of hitting her which again was not true the kids were given back to her and after I got my visits I noticed bruises, scars, and just social behavior that girls there age don’t do. I have continued to report abuse and have documented over 60 photos with clear signs of physical abuse but there is much more neglect because the mother drunks almost every day and night and is always sleeping when the kids are there because she is hangover. On top of that last month my son had a head injury which the mother called me and told me she needed to take him to the ER and asked if I could take her. when I arrived they pretended not to be home but she refused to let me see him don’t get to see him for 3 weeks and I called their doctor everyday to see if he had been in for a head injury and on the fourth day he was seen by a doctor. 4 days later he had signs of head trauma and his nose was swollen still. I reported that to the social worker but at my last court date I found out the worker had never documented any of the bruises or scars or anything. Teachers call me and send letters wanting to speak with their mother but she would never respond. I was never allowed to speak in court and in all the reports the children state the same thing mommy hit daddy and they want to be with me. But when I received them minute order it says I hit her with a closed fist when I never even defended myself I only yelled and called for help. I was also under the impression that I had some type of immunity being a mandated reporter. In my employee handbook it says mandated reporters can’t be charged with criminal or civil actions if they report child abuse but I was lied to by the social worker who also failed to tell me that their mother has a criminal history of vandalism and using different aliases, and that her mother has a history of child abuse. I was blamed for everything lost my kids without them even asking a single witness. On various occasions I had witnesses go with me to the courthouse but they too were not allowed to say anything. Don’t know much but I know that my kids to this day are being abused and neglected by her. How can I fight judgment that has no evidence or appeal a courthouse and dcfs which have no agencies who monitor their activity. What can I do about a judge who is refusing to accept evidence about abuse or just passing blame? I have never hit anyone not my kids not their mother witnesses who where there and my kids verify that but the judge only listens to their mother. I would like to know what forms or what agency/organization checks children’s court and dcfs. I am sure I can appeal even though the judge told me to shut up because I didn’t know what the law was and I would be able to appeal. What can I do to get started on removing these false allegations and statements in a trial type setting where others decide not just the judge or dcfs? I'm sorry for all the misspelled words I'm in a rush to get out and head for work. Any legal procedures or forms that i can file or any advice in will be greatly appreciated. Again sorry for the spelling. butcher knife and so on. Thanks for the feedback I realize I need a lawyer and all help is greatly appreciated. I have read my employee handbook over and over and I am to report abuse in most cases even my own childrens wellfare. I can be held responsible if knowing they are being abused and I agree or say nothing about it. p.c.11164-11174.3 some cases i dont have to but i dont think i could live with myself knowing that a kid is being abused and i said nothing. I know dcfs is screwed up i have lived through it before as a child i sent my dad to jail cus I wanted to play and then the workers wouldnt leave me alone unless i said what they wanted to hear. I reall am just doing this so the kids are safe and the mother gets help. if there is anyone that can assist me like i said i have all the documents and photos along with witnesses info i just need a judge who will hear them and what i have to say there is so much the fraud in my name my parents name my kids, the parking citations she has received in my car ad
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Norah Norah | 1 day ago
Please email me. If your story is true, I'd like to get you some real help in your situation. At kevinwm0 at sbcglobal dot net.
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Norah Originally Answered: Child Custody Visitation Rights - Father is unfit?
I think the answer to this problem may lie in the last paragraph. If it can be shown that the presence of this man in his children's lives is having a detrimental effect on either their physical and/or psychological well-being, the courts will be more inclined to discontinue contact. As Rebecca suggested, a paper trail which shows that this man is aggressive or violent will provide evidence supporting the negative impact of this man in his children's lives.

Mabella Mabella
It's hard to believe that the Department of Children and Family Services (D.C.F.S.) failed you. You need to find a children's advocate lawyer. I have included to sites that may be helpful there may be other sites, but there are too many to list without knowing what State you reside in. I recommend that you become knowledgeable with the Family Laws for your particular state. It also wouldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with the Code of Criminal Procedure; Penal Code; and Code of Criminal Procedure. However the most important is simply the Family Laws Code. Simply, Google: Family Law+your State and it should be simple to find. Most are State Gov. sites and have the information there or are down-loadable in pdf. word, or html. format. While you have lost your case on several occasions, you should not give up the fight and perseverance will see you though this. Good Luck.
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Kelleigh Kelleigh
Your mandated reporter status applies to your employment. You are not a mandated reporter with your kids, you are a parent. You need to file for full custody of the children and request psychological evaluations.of both parents. You really need a lawyer, and the kids should be represented as well, usually that would be by a "guardian ad litem". Take Kevin up on his offer to help.
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Irmalinda Irmalinda
You really need to sue for custody of your kids for their sake. If this woman is as violent as you say she is, those kids are at risk of severe injury or worse. Why the judge is ignoring evidence and witnesses is beyond comprehension. He/she should be removed from the bench. Get a lawyer - NOW.
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Elfleda Elfleda
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