How to write a biography in?

How to write a biography in? Topic: How to write a biography writing
June 19, 2019 / By Gwyn
Question: Do I go. Intro Early Life Middle life Later LIfe Its about Bill Cosby.. so Should I write about like his TV success and then like children wife and stuff/ like what would my outline look like? I do check back for the best 10 points!
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Diot Diot | 2 days ago
Decide whom you want to write about, your parents, grandparents, great grand parents, ancestors, other relatives, friends, idols, heroes, yourself or any other special person. Collect as much information as you possibly can, from his or her birth date to the most relevant facts of his or her life through letters, journals, newspaper clippings, pictures, and most importantly, through conversations with elder family members (it would be a good idea to take notes or record conversations). . Organize your thoughts before starting to write, think of that part of the person’s life you would like to highlight. Some useful questions can be: who?, what?, where?, why? and how? Other questions to ask would be: what makes this person so special and interesting? How can he or she be best described? Which were the events that marked or changed his or her life? In what way was he or she an influence to family, society or professionally? When writing about somebody else, describe his or her appearance, habits, features and way of talking. If you do not remember a name, use replacements such as: friend, mate or boss. Edit the biography; read it aloud to feel of the rhythm and the sound of it, it will also help you notice if you are repeating information.
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Carissa Carissa
i've read most of bill cosby's books and he usually follows the anecdotal style of writing. may be you can use a similar format/style for you bio on him ? [and try to add humor to your writing - his USP] sometimes, it also depends on the material you have on him & what you want to include. when you've collected everything & sorted through it, you can decide what seems to be the best way of putting it across. you can also start with his fame & success & then go back to his formative years as a flashback. or staying on the path of his success, you can bring in anecdotes about his failure, the reasons for his success, his inspirations, his ideals, his family support/contribution, how his school / friends / etc. helped shape him & his ideas, etc. etc. So as you mention each milestone of his career, connect it with something in his past. or to something in his later life - how that event shaped his future life, etc.. hope these give you some creative ideas all the very best & have fun
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