Can anyone give me some much need job interview advice I need? 10 points?

Can anyone give me some much need job interview advice I need? 10 points? Topic: Your my panda research
June 26, 2019 / By Tony
Question: So I have an upcoming job interview at Panda Express and I just some a little bit of help. First I need help answering this a part of this question: "Why do you want to work?" To my understanding this is the part of the interview where you show that you have actually done some research of the company. That part I have. The part I don't have is coming up with answer as to what can I bring to the company? If you could help me out with that I would really appreciate it :) Also how should I answer "Tell me about yourself?" I have no job experience and I'm only 16. Lastlly I plan to wear black slacks and a short button-up shirt. Should I wear it took in? Also what shoes should I wearing because I only have Vans, Jordans, and Nike nothing really professional. Once againg I appreciate the help :)
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Read Read | 4 days ago
When they ask you what you can bring to the company, tell them you are hard working and dependable and believe this will be a great asset to the company. Also, it depends on what kind of job you are applying for. Is it a casher position? You can then also say you believe you have great customer service skills and are good with people and believe this will be helpful for work as a cashier. Tell me about yourself? Simply reinforce positive attributes about yourself. You could start by saying something like "I am currently in high school and looking for my first job. I am hard working and dependable and am eager to work for a company such as Panda Express beause of the valuable experience it will provide me." Shoes - really you should be wearing nice shoes to a job interview. Is it going to matter for a job at Panda Express? Probably not, but that should not deter you from looking your best. If your Vans are black and basic you could probably get away with wearing them. Good luck!! P.S. yes you should tuck in your shirt :)
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Here is the thing - don't decline an interview. Who knows how the company you are interviewing with or the person you are meeting with may turn out to be helpful in future? So, never decline an interview, but you surely can decline an offer i.e., if you receive one. It shows class. You can go for an interview; give your best shot; come home write a thank you note, and if an offer comes along - politely decline it. May be the employer will "hey, I liked you and maybe I can offer you more!" - who know? Things do happen. I remember a friend who worked with me (Chase Bank); she gave an interview with an insurance company and then declined it. After a week, she got a call and the insurance company offered her more money + more responsibilities, and guess what? she accepted the position. Giving interview(s) also enhances your chances to clear other interviews. It is a process - a process, which needs to be mastered. You will learn to give answers, bargain etc. It will certainly boost your confidence - is there is anything you will loose by NOT giving this interview? You will probably gain something...So go ahead - make your day! Never burn bridges; just make them as you start off your career. Business Networking is an important tool you will learn to use as you career booms! Good luck! (Now give me my 10! :) )

Mattathiah Mattathiah
I am happy that you get call for job before you are 18! You be yourself.You should have some general knowlege also except film industry.Do not use SMS language.Your english should be reasonably good.Do not carry your phone with you.Do not say that everything is my CV.You can read it. If you do not know the answer ,do not bluff.Say ,you do not know. At the age of 16 no interviewer think that you have experience. Be couteous and be pleasent! You may have to face many interviews in futhure,so consider this as learning experience. You should have knowlege about what you have studied.For other subjects,reasonable knowlege is enough. Do not worry,Do not be overwise,be yourself and chances are there that you may land this job! Best Luck!
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Joachim Joachim
Like you said, you have no job experience and you are only 16. Be on time for the appointment; be respectful in how you answer and just be honest. For example...why do you want to work?...I'd like to earn my own money to help my parents with family or school expenses Tell me about yourself?...Tell them what you are good at; how you do at school; community activities you might enjoy etc... As far as clothing, be well groomed and wear clean, pressed clothes. Tuck in the shirt. Shoes should be clean (anyone of those you mentioned will be fine). You are only 16 and no one will expect you to look like you were 30, earning enough to buy a suit.. Relax & Good Luck.
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Grady Grady
Yes, I agreed with the person before me. Also when you go in, be EAGER to tell them how you researched about the company and ask them questions. Say something about "I researched about Panda Express..." or "I was reading about how Panda Express started and am interested to be a part of your company." Remember, don't interrupt. Listen and nod mostly! Be prepare to tell them about your worst habit if they asked and how you fixed it (I missed a assignment in ___ class and from then on I always I have a schedule and write in things that are due on certain days because I want to make sure to be on time...) Questions You could ask: - What do you think is important in hiring people that work here?...Well, we want someone who is ____, ___, and ___. Then responds by saying I believe I have those skills that you are looking for. I helped out my family with ____ or my relative _____. I am very hardworking (give examples). -How many people do you get each day? -What is the most important things that is most forgot when working at Panda Express. If they make a comment, just reply that you really want to remember and learn.
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I think she's a pathological liar it sound like she is so full of drama. From what you write it would just be a waste of time to keep the faith. You sound like a nice guy so just give yourself time to get over her then someone who will be worth it will come along then you'll see what love really is. Keep your head up.

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