Why are there no Shaolin monks fighting in UFC?

Why are there no Shaolin monks fighting in UFC? Topic: What is problem solving skills training
June 20, 2019 / By Gytha
Question: Because against religion? Too unfair? Here is one demonstration... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRSzBzgVE...
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Dixee Dixee | 5 days ago
You are partly right to say that Buddhist monks are not allowed to exploit their skills to advance their personal agenda. This is the part that I'll say that a 'real' Buddhist monk has to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by Lord Buddha in respect to the behaviour of Buddhist monks and nuns. As a rule, Buddhist monks and nuns are to concentrate their effort in perfecting their understanding of the Buddhist Dhamma and to advance their level in meditation, and not in martial training. But, I must add that there is a martial aspect in that there is a trained group to protect the temple from bandits and plunderers. This responsibility falls onto a special group of Dhamma-protectors. The Henan Shaolin Temple is built on a mountain range in an area infested by bandits and wild animals. The monks were expected to be self-sufficient in food and medicine, and to do that, they had to grow and farm vegetables, venture into mountains for herbs, or go into towns to beg for other necessities and cash to pay for purchases or for renovations and repairs. These monks would have to learn some martial arts to equip themselves with some self-defence skills. They were instructed not to ostensibly display their martial prowess unless they were forced by circumstances. This rule is similarly observed by traditional Chinese martial arts schools and not to solve problems by fighting. The precursor to UFC or fight matches, Sanda included is the Chinese lei-tai.The Chinese Lei Tai was a no-holds fight with both the challenger and the host acknowledging the risk of limbs and life without recourse. The last Shaolin abbot who was known for his one-finger hand stand was recorded to have attended a lei-tai in his younger days, staged by a Westerner. What the abbot did is simply ask for a short warm up before getting into the fight, and he displays his one-finger hand stand. Much to the amazement of the audience, the lei-tai host withdrew the challenge and acknowledged defeat without even getting into the fight. The last time when the abbot displayed the power of his finger was when he was very advanced in his years and in the company of other distinguished masters from other schools. He pierced the sand-bag with his finger in one stroke. He can't be poking for fun or to win a UFC title. Sure, he was just one monk, but being humble and restrained are virtues for others who had trained skills to a perfection to emulate. I remembered my time when my sifu warned very sternly that if he knew any of his students to be showing off by beating up people with the slightest provocation or in an underground fighting contest, that student would be expelled. We need his blessing and permission to enter matches like UFC. The same goes for Shaolin monks, they need the blessing and permission from their abbot. Caution: not all shaven heads in yellow training attires must be monks, they can just be lay-students who are not subjected to the stringent Buddhist Vinaya rules.
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Carlene Carlene
Because Shaolin Monks train to fight for real and end the fight seriously, not lollygag for a crowd. If you're dumb enough to try and fight a Shaolin Monk, something is going to get broken, and that sort of end isn't encouraged in combat sports. There is a big difference between combat sport and martial art. Only those who have absolutely no knowledge of the later will say otherwise.
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Andreana Andreana
because shaolin monk had rule to follow * 1. A member of the Shaolin Si Wushu Guan shall obey the laws of the country as well as the rules of the association. Instructors and fellow trainees must be treated with respect. * 2. One who practices Shaolin Wushu must be a calm and stable person, who strives to become strong and healthy. * 3. A member of the Shaolin Si Wushu Guan shall not use what has been learnt as means to attack, nor to oppress others. Instead, a member must be tolerant, flexible and non-discriminating towards fellow human beings. * 4. One who practices Shaolin Wushu shall have patience with their training, and strive to develop their knowledge in the best possible way. As a member of the association you shall have a kind and non-discriminating attitude towards those who practice other forms of training. * 5. As a member of the Shaolin Si Wushu Guan you shall be modest and truthful, and act calmly and steadily. You must be considerate and care for fellow human beings. * 6. Violations of these rules may lead to exclusion from the association.
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Weston Weston
Since these people are clueless 1) I agree about how monks don't believe in competitive fighting. 2) MMA has a strict set of rules. For example they can't use small joint munipulations. Shoalins use that in their training. The rules rule out a lot of techniques.
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