Is applying for jobs online really not as good as in person? Advise please?

Is applying for jobs online really not as good as in person? Advise please? Topic: Online employment application sites
July 18, 2019 / By Alise
Question: Im planning to go online and apply to as many local restaurants, stores, etc. in hopes of scoring a job. Some say that its better to walk in and ask for an application and give it straight to the manager. But seriously, is going online really that bad? I mean why else would they put up the "employment" section on their sites? Also im 17, if that accounts for anything. Besides I feel online applying is much more convenient for me and the employers. Thank you!
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Ultan Ultan | 6 days ago
You will be more effective in person, especially if you ask to speak with the decision maker. You might even get an on the spot interview. Truth is, however, you need to do both. Don't spend more than 1 hour per day filling out online job applications. Spend 2-3 hours per day completing in person applications. I've advised this for years.
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Ultan Originally Answered: Applying for a job - apply online, or in person?
I usually always go in and apply for jobs. They get to see who you are, and you might even get a chance to interview right away. Most places later on will probably take online resumes, contact you via email or phone, then schedule an interview. Since its old navy, id just walk right in and ask "are you hiring? can i have an application?"

Ripley Ripley
That's a good way to do it. The more places you apply to the better chance you have at scoring an interview and a job. I just applied online, and actually got called in for an interview today. So online is not all that bad, and is still a way to apply. But walking in is sometimes better. One time I walked in and applied in the store, and got an interview that way too. So both is fine, but yes, online is a lot easier. Hope this helped.
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Methusael Methusael
As far as applying for hotels near by and being young yes in person is better because for jobs like servers and they are looking for more people skills employees so if someone goes in and applies they will take them more easily. However once you have some experience and are older you can apply online to higher positions
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Methusael Originally Answered: What's a good way to follow up with a company when you can only submit a resume online with no contact person?
Be sneaky. call their office, wade through the prompts, finally get the operator or HR,, and ask for the name of the person in HR who would receive resumes. Good luck. When you write your letter, enclose another copy of your resume. make it as easy for them as possible.

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