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June 20, 2019 / By Honey
Question: im doing an assignment about kevin rudd's apology to the aborignals and i've talked about how some people are against the apology becasue they say it was the the aboriginal kids' benefits. i wrote that but my teacher said i need to find a quote or source for it to make it better. i have a lot of newspapers about the topic but none of them mention this. do you know anywebsite i can find something like this to use as my source?? pleease help!!
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Edda Edda | 3 days ago
Explore the BBC Advertisement UK versionInternational version|About the versions Low graphics|Accessibility help BBC NEWS CHANNEL News services Your news when you want it News Front Page World Africa Americas Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East South Asia UK England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Business Politics Health Education Science/Nature Technology Entertainment Also in the news ----------------- Video and Audio ----------------- Advertisement Have Your Say Magazine In Pictures Country Profiles Special Reports RELATED BBC SITES SPORT WEATHER CBBC NEWSROUND ON THIS DAY EDITORS' BLOG Languages Chinese Vietnamese Indonesian More Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 01:55 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Australia apology to Aborigines Kevin Rudd's apology represents a break from previous policies Parliament statement The Australian government has made a formal apology for the past wrongs caused by successive governments on the indigenous Aboriginal population. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised in parliament to all Aborigines for laws and policies that "inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss". He singled out the "Stolen Generations" of thousands of children forcibly removed from their families. The apology, beamed live around the country on TV, was met with cheers. But some Aborigines say it should have been accompanied with compensation for their suffering. 'Indignity and degradation' In a motion passed unanimously by Australian MPs on Wednesday morning, Mr Rudd acknowledged the "past mistreatment" of all of his country's Aboriginal population. For the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry Text of parliamentary motion Full text of apology Ceremony in pictures Apology accepted? "We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians," the motion said. Mr Rudd said he apologised "especially" to the Stolen Generations of young Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents in a policy of assimilation which lasted from the 19th Century to the late 1960s. "For the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry." Aborigines are the most disadvantaged sector of society Australia has no Aboriginal members in parliament, but 100 leaders of the community and members of the Stolen Generations were present for the historic apology. The leader of the Liberal opposition, Brendan Nelson, said he "strongly" welcomed the apology. He decided to take a different position on the issue than his predecessor, former Prime Minister John Howard, who refused for over a decade to apologise to the Stolen Generations - a stance supported, polls suggest, by about 30% of Australians. Mixed response The government hopes the apology will repair the breach between white and black Australia and usher in a new era of recognition and reconciliation. The parliamentary session was shown live on television as well as on public screens erected in cities across the country. Mr Rudd received a standing ovation from MPs and onlookers in parliament, and cheers from the thousands of Australians watching outside. Blackfellas will get the words, the whitefellas keep the money Noel Pearson Aboriginal leader Michael Mansell, a spokesman for the rights group the National Aboriginal Alliance, said the word "sorry" was one that "Stolen Generation members will be very relieved is finally being used", reported Associated Press news agency. But the refusal to accompany the apology with any compensation has angered many Aboriginal leaders, who have called it a "cut-price sorry". "Blackfellas will get the words, the whitefellas keep the money," summed up Noel Pearson, a respected Aboriginal leader, in The Australian newspaper. HAVE YOUR SAY I think the apology is the right thing to do, but personally don't understand why it was debated for so long Mr Rudd has also outlined a new agenda on Aboriginal issues, including a commitment to close the 17-year life expectancy gap between Aborigines and other Australians within a generation, was well as halving Aboriginal infant mortality rates within a decade. Australia's 460,000 Aborigines make up 2% of the population and are the most disadvantaged group. They have higher rates of infant mortality, drug abuse, alcoholism and unemployment than the rest of the population.
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Play some good music while you work and eat a tasty snack. Something nutritious works well to keep your strength up and prevent you from feeling fatigued. Don't drink energy drinks or eat candy, or you'll crash from them (Even if they claim otherwise on the label). Turn off the TV, it's distracting. Ditch the cell phone as well. Finally, fight the willpower to turn on an online game or go to Facebook. Remember, the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can give your computer the middle finger and begin doing something that you want to do.
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I don't understand the question. Is it helping with your homework or bearing with something boring?

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