First day of High School! Help?

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June 19, 2019 / By Lakeshia
Question: I start high school in a week and I'm so scared and nervous!! I am going to a huge public school from a tiny private school and I don't really know anyone there! (I'm also really shy). 1.I'm scared that i won't be able to make friends! I'm so shy and it's hard for me to be outgoing. What can help?? 2.what do I do about lunch since I don't know anyone?? What if I don't meet anyone before lunch? Where do I sit? 3.What do I wear on first day of school?? All i basically own is skinny jeans and t shirts? 4.Any advice or tip? I'm a freshman going to a school where I don't know anyone. I'm taking all Pre AP core classes, Latin, an Ag class, and tennis... Please help! I'm really stressing and having panic attacks! Thanks
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Jenni Jenni | 1 day ago
Don't worry. I remember my first day as a freshman and i was just as nervous as you. I'm a junior now, so i think i can give you some good tips: 1.) You will absolutely be able to make friends. There are so many different types of people, you'll be able to find certain people you can really connect with. I remember the first day. I only knew a few people, but i was scared i would't be able to find any new friends. First period of the first day my english teacher made us do a poetry assignment with a person we didn't know in the class. The girl i was paired with is now one of my best friends. :) See? Its so incredibly easy to make friends! Go into class, sit down, and give a friendly smile to the person sitting next to you. I am very shy too, but if you just go and give a friendly smile and a "hello", you'll be on your way to making friends, easy. 2.) This is kinda like number one. Just go into lunch, if you don't already know someone, go up to a table and say "hey, can i sit here?" Most people won't say no if you seem friendly and approachable. Again, just give a nice smile, ask their name, and maybe they will hold a conversation with you. 3.) Wear whatever you want! You want to make a good first impression. Wear something that you feel comfortable in. I find that when i look good, i feel good, and when i feel good, i am a million times more confident! Just wear something that you think you look good in. If someone has a problem with it, thats their problem and they aren't the kind of people you want to hang out with anyway. 4.) Other Advice: Don't slack off. There are always those kids that are like "i'm too cool for school" but honestly, you want to keep your grades up, especially if your thinking about joining clubs or sports (which is a really good idea!). Ask good questions, teachers love that, and asking classmates about homework is another great way to make friends. Also, be prepared to come across some pretty bitchy people, to say the least. They're everywhere. But don't let them get to you. You are who you are and be proud of it! I thought that popularity was all that mattered. It's not. There are people out there who will love you for who you are. Being popular doesn't mean anything. You think your shy? I am probably the single most shy person you will ever meet. But i've been able to find awesome friends who think i'm awesome too! High school is all about self-discovery. You'll find it gets easier and easier to break out of your shell. Bottom line, the first day is stressful for everyone. But you really shouldn't panic. Its just high school. You will get through it just fine! Anyways, hope i helped and good luck! :)
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Finuala Finuala
Well, on the first day of school you should wear an outfit that expresses your personal style. You said you like Hollister and Abercrombie etc so maybe wear hollister and abercrombie? Also, just in my opinion, like the first week of school especially highschool is all about first impressions because you are meeting tons of new people. So if you plan to be super fashionable the whole year then dress that way on the first day so people will expect that. But if you can't be that the whole year do whatever you are comfortable with. But really you shouldn't care what other people think. Good luck!!!
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Cynthia Cynthia
whoa calm yourself first:) okay well ive been in you position and its really hard to make that transition believe me and well its harder now since your not in elementary and kids don't go up to you right away! however don't make yourself crazy worried because of this it'll be alright. Even though I'm a junior now I'm still shy ,well more like silent, most of the time i found that joining a sport is helpful and lots of clubs keep you busy but in your case you really have nothing to worry about because in Ag class which ,im assuming is agriculture class which means you work with animals, is a great way to involve yourself with others. Tennis well lemme see...... you have built bonds when you enter! a sport is like your second family! get to know your team mates and just get along with one another. Now school clothes are a must! wear your fav skinnies and your t-shirts but next time when your out shopping go for those nice floral shirts or button up tops and for shoes since i walk everywhere in school I wear my comfortable black sandles you can wear flats depending on your school whatever makes you most relaxed. Now I can't stress enough how important it is to stay focused in your classes and take notes on what your teacher is writing down on the board! I hope you have a good school year and don't get too intimidated i have confidence that you will do great
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Biddy Biddy
1. You will be able to make friends. Anybody can, as long as they maintain acceptable hygiene, and don't act like they have a mental illness). 2. Sit right by anybody. Don't give a **** about whether you know them or not. 3. Wear those skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Thats fine. 4. Those classes aren't so difficult. You may want to keep up with the Latin, it requires discipline. Just make sure you study hard, and also make sure you know everything before you take the exams.
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Ailie Ailie
I have my first day of highschool too, in a few days :3 I pretty much had a big fight before middle school was out so I have no friends really. I'm extremely quiet as well and people don't even know my name by the end of the year. XD Don't be to scared about sitting alone at lunch if you don't know anyone, just bring a book or something. I don't think anyone will care really. If you wanna try talking to people, just try creating small talk. Like "Oh I like your shirt." "Hey what do you think of the teacher?" something like that. Mutual things will usually create more conversion I think. If you notice people wearing something that you like you could comment on that. Like this is really simple but say someone is wearing a shirt for a TV show you like, or has something in their binder, you could say you like that too. Or if you're waiting outside of the class door, you could comment to someone "it's really cold/hot/etc. today isn't it?"
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Ailie Originally Answered: First Day of School outfit and High School Stories?
Hmmm. High School. All i know is that im excited to get out. Haha. As far as stories go, I have a lot. People look at you weird if you don't wear what everyone else wear, but don't let that stop you. People will like you for being yourself. The whole "stuffed in trashcan" in false. I have never heard of that happening, especially to girls, so don't worry about bullies. Overall, have fun =] And its good that you care about the way you look AND have good grades. I'm the same way. Good Luck.

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