I'm scrawny but strong?

I'm scrawny but strong? Topic: Case strong
July 20, 2019 / By Jehiel
Question: A year and a half ago, my squat/bench/power clean total poundage was about 500, and I weighed 160 pounds. Now its over 700, and I still weigh 160 pounds. I've gotten a lot stronger, but no bigger. And none of it came from fat, cause I've always been really low fat. By this point I'm keeping up with people double my weight, but I'm not getting any bigger? Does anyone know what the problem is?
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Garth Garth | 9 days ago
Sometimes it's a case of adding new muscle while losing fat, but usually not. Strength gain is a product of both increased muscle mass and improved neural efficiency. So you can improve the neural side (i.e., your nervous system gets more efficient at moving weight), even though you haven't added any additional muscle. "Newbie gains" are almost entirely explained by this. At some point though (and that point differs for all of us), it will get very difficult to get stronger through only neural improvement. Weight-classed athletes like weightlifters or powerlifters face this wall all the time - they can only get so strong at a given body weight before additional strength would require adding new muscle, possibly pushing them into a higher weight class. As I'm sure you already know, if you want to add muscle, you have to both progress in the weight room AND eat a surplus of calories. So if you're doing the former and not the latter, it would explain a lot. Lift weight doesn't make you gain weight all by itself.
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Garth Originally Answered: How to go from scrawny to brawny?
All you gotta do man is EAT LOADS(dont' hold back) and do it while lifting weights you will be gaining mass and mucle at the same time,you don't want to become all skinny and muscle.But just because you gotta eat alot doesn't mean you can scoff KFC all day but it doesn't hurt to badly to have that stuff just make sure the majority of your diet is fairly healthy.Eat things like Chicken,Milk,Tuna,Nuts,Fruit,Veges,potat... mayonnaise but since your young use whatever you can wolf down for the time being.Its not necessary but a whey protein supplement is very helpful when it comes to building muscle, everytime you work out your going to feel the burn a few days later thats when the protein comes in(repair,feed muscle).I didn't use any till 3 weeks after i started. When it comes to working out your going to want to start off light because your body isn't going to cope so well so always go with what you can handle and move up from there, i started with 15 kilos on a barbell and moved up when i felt it was right to move up sometimes it would be a week or even 3 before i added more weight on so don't worry about not getting anywhere or not lifting enough,gradual progression is the best way to do it and you won't be as inclined to injure yourself. Now this may seem stupid but believe it or not your going to have to laze around alot, only about 10% of it is weights everything else is rest time.All your doing during rest time is eating well,resting well and just letting your body mellow out.When you first start out your body may hurt up to 4-7 days so don't be discouraged YOU WILL adapt in time, you should only work out when your body is fully healed as all you will be doing is damaging muscles that are still trying to repair themselves.But as soon as your body is healed hit the weights! Afterwards hop in a shower or jump in a pool if you can. Don't try going for specific spots like only doing abs or chest, you want to do your whole body including legs,chest,abs,arms and back if you can.Do some research on 'best exercises for chest' then 'best arms exercises' etc and work around something with the equipment you have(but if you can't do things like chin ups,push ups till then).I usually do 3 sets of 6-12 reps,rest 60-90 seconds in between in each set. I'm 17 nearly 18, i've only being do it 2 months and a half and look much bigger, i honestly didn't think it was possible but people who didn't know i was working out said i had gotten bigger and thats a real big booster.This might sound like alot but once you get into it, its really second nature.If you can push yourself for 6 weeks I'm guaranteed you will see results.Most people fail before they even get into it because there mentality isn't correct so make sure you mind is set and you have a real reason to really do it.I thought "well its only taking up 30-50 minutes of my time and sometimes that only amounts to 3 hours a week" or "i don't wanna fall into old patterns because it would be a shame to myself"etc.Write things down and make short goals if you have too the results really pay off. Summary: 1.STAY MENTALLY STRONG.If you can cope the first few weeks you should find it much easier. 2.Food,food,food!You can't get big without the proper nutrition so eat alot, it may be hard too at first but eventually you will start getting hungry more often and wanting to eat more. 3.Recover!!This is incredibly important make sure you sleep and eat well till your body feels good again, if your body doesn't burn the next day you didn't put in enough reps or weight load.If it takes you 6 days to recover then rest 6 days,most your muscles probably haven't been used so they will hurt for awhile at first. 4.Lift too muscular failure.You don't want to overtrain but you want to feel the pain the next day, you will know what i mean when you do it. 5.Workout your whole body, not just 7 exercises for your arms. 6.After a few weeks if you can try get some protein into you with things like tuna and a whey protein supplement the protein stuff is fairly pricey but it helps,also gets you drinking more milk(milk is a wonder). And remember:If you stuff up somehow,injure yourself or something doesn't feel right change things or move around to your own bodys needs.Trust your instincts that is the best thing you can possibly do!Also research this is just my opinion i'm sure many people out there can give you quality advice,none of this may be relevant to you so just make sure of that!

Devil Devil
You're not a power lifter don't do 1 rep max try being a bodybuilder and lift 8-12 reps with good form when you feel the burn and pump you'll get bigger you also need to eat alot of clean calories
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