How can I teach my parents how to parent correctly?

How can I teach my parents how to parent correctly? Topic: High school senior writing activities
July 20, 2019 / By Serena
Question: I know I sound like some distressed teenager that thinks his parents aren't good parents. But actually the problem doesn't really pertain to me. My 18 year old sister is a senior in high school and she's decided to hang out with a particular group of people that aren't exactly a great influence on her. These "friends" do quite a few illegal activities, including theft and drug abuse. Not anything too serious. My sister is heavily influenced very easily by anyone who gives her a positive social connection (in this case she told me she likes them because they maker her laugh). She's basically made her life revolve around these people. She's connected pot to this positive social activity too so she has problems with that as well. She has done absolutely nothing to get 30 community service hours which are required for graduation, I think she also has an F in one of her classes, due to a poor teacher. My parents, or parent, because due to the over-reactions my dad/step-dad/father figure usually has, my mom doesn't tell him anything. My mother doesn't handle it very well either. The entire fiasco started last year when my mom called my sister because it was after 10 at night and she was still not home. Apparently she heard my sister having sex with about 2 or 3 other guys. She was screaming at the top of her lungs in anger and frustration. My mother replaces a lot of her emotions with anger and frustration, and this discourages my sister from doing what shes told. Its a problem for me too. I experience this too, when she tells me to do something, I instantly get the urge to not do it. Its just the rebellious nature of a teenager. My mother hasn't thought once to change her approach toward my sister (such as suggestion instead of direct confrontation). I honestly don't know why, I just think she can't control her emotions. I'm one of those people that has some type of "super empathy" I guess you would call it. Sort of at will, I can put myself in someone else's shoes and not just see what they see but actually think how they think. As soon as you know how someone thinks you can use psychology on them. I know exactly how I would convince my sister to start getting herself together, she doesn't have a job, and she's basically a taxi cab service for all her friends so she gets money from driving them around, then she goes and spends it on gas, and drives them around again. Its not a great way to live. She graduates fairly soon here, she has all A's and possibly one D or F, its just the community service/volunteering hours she needs, she had 4 years to get these hours and she didn't get it done. So my point here is, my parents seriously need to change their parenting strategies, they are christian (I'm not) so they have strong beliefs that parents are always to be respected, and they'd see me suggesting to them on how to get my sister to realize the hole she's in, as some disrespect bull crap. So how can I convince them that they are doing more damage than good, and they should change their parenting strategy, without me appearing to them as trying to control them and tell them that they are horrible parents? I'm only 15 and I generally fail to get my ideas across to them because I know exactly the types of things that set them off. I somewhat stumble over my words when I talk to them specifically. I care about my sister, so honestly don't want her to fail. I still feel like I'm being incredibly vague so let me know if you guys need more information to answer. Copy and paste this. To be honest I had no idea what you wanted me to copy and paste and then I realized this entire page was what you were implying. I was a bit in shock when I didn't see that myself. Also writing the letter is a decent idea because someone knows you're being sincere when you take the time to do something like that. Thank you guys.
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Olyvia Olyvia | 10 days ago
Print this and mail it to all the parents and grandparents. I can't believe there have been no parent teacher conferences or parents looking at report cards. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they come to their senses and your sister may be one of them. Usually after high school the groups break up and people go on to college or move away etc. You can hope that's what happens here.
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Mae Mae
Okay this is just an suggestion . I see your an awesome write! So use those skills and write you mother and father a letter . This may seem weird at first but if they won't listen to you ,show how you feel in a letter . Basically write down how you love your sister and how you don't wont her to fail. Be kind and respectful in the letter and show empathy . When you see your sister just chilling and doing nothing , just talk to her and say " i know you haven't done your community service hours ,Maybe i can help you." hopefully this will show her you care . tell her i want the best for you and i don't wont to see you fail . maybe one weekend you and her can go to the soup kitchen. Not only will you help others out but she will get her hours in! I hope this helps:) good luck
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