Fun journal/diary survey?

Fun journal/diary survey? Topic: How to write a journal entry for a book
June 26, 2019 / By Carina
Question: 1.)What does your diary look like? 2.)What do you call it? (ex. Journal or diary?) 3.)How often do you write? 4.)How long have you had your current diary? 5.)What do you typically write in it? Do you draw? Add pictures? 6.)Do you have anything besides diary entries in it? (ex. in the back of my diary I keep a collection of quotes, and in the very front I keep a list of my hopes and dreams) 7.)Have you ever found yourself with half filled or empty diary's? 8.)On a scale of 1-10 how personal is your diary? 9.)Has anyone ever read your diary? What would you do if they did?
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Anabelle Anabelle | 1 day ago
1.) A medium-sized book with a black leather cover. 2.) A notebook. 3.) Rarely. It's so pretty that I almost don't want to taint it with my ugly handwriting. 4.) A year. 5.) What I feel about a guy or why I'm sad. Sometime I draw in it. 6.) I keep a collection of quotes too =) 7.) Nope. 8.) VERY personal. 9.) When I was a kid I had a diary and I kept it under my bed. One day my mom found it, read that I liked some other kid in my class, and showed it to my dad. They started making fun of me and my mom was saying I was too little to have a crush and so on.. She then called my aunts and started telling them about what was in my diary and I ended up getting in trouble for what I wrote in it. I was so angry at her for reading every single page and showing it to everybody that for a long time.
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Anabelle Originally Answered: Do you have a journal/diary?
I do keep a journal and I agree with you on the ridding yourself of emotions. It helps me think things through and get them off my chest by writing them down. I get where Dyson is coming from though because I did have an ex who went through my stuff and read my journal and got mad at me because of it!!! So, it can be trouble but I like to think not all people are so nosey and untrusting.

Weaver Weaver
1) a book with a peacock Design on it i get for my birthday 2) My story book, cause i mostly write stories in it to convey my emotions 3) at least 3 times a month 4) 5 months 5) Stories no pics 6) random sketches and math pproblems pprobably from when i bring it to school 7)Yep...i know where a few are and for some reason i like to keep them that way, maby as a reminder of the past 8)10...ill never let anyone ever see whats in them...there are way too many ssecretsthat id rather nothave anyone know about 9) Never... if they did i would burn all my diaries and never write on one again than make up some lie to the person about how i was practing my writing.
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Salal Salal
1. its a black composition notebook 2. my learning diary 3. 2 times a month? i always forget :) 4. 2 months haha 5. sciency things~ yes i love to draw in it 6. i dont have diary entries in it i have facts and ideas 7. yep cause i cant elaborate or expand on a subject i wanted to learn more about 8. 10 9. nope but i hope that some people will~ they would get to understand how my mind really works :3 i wouldnt be mad
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Murphy Murphy
a notebook journal once a month 9 months I usually write down ideas or a poem a strand of hair from my first haircut in about 8 years yes 2 Yes, my sister... no big deal, not real personal
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Murphy Originally Answered: Poll: do you keep a diary or journal?
I do, but I don't write in it as often as I should or want to because I'm lazy but I usually write in it when I'm angry or sad or super happy, so when sometimes I read back in it I'm angry or sad lol its quite funny :)

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