Can anyone give me job hunting advice?

Can anyone give me job hunting advice? Topic: Home depot jobs application
July 19, 2019 / By Jasper
Question: I'm 18. I have no Jobexperience. No volunteer work. No apprenticeships. Nothing. All I can say is I'm 18 and on my graduating year of high school. But I've been job hunting. It's not like I've been applying for positions out of my league. I apply for entry level positions. But no one even calls me back. I've applied to radio shack, star bucks, goodwill, toys r us, Home Depot, petco and frys. All of the positions I've applied for are either cashier or sales associate. But no one calls me back. Some people say "don't fill out online applications. Go in and ask for one" I have done that. And they tell me to go on the website and apply. What do I do about that, And any other advice? Because I'm 18. I should have at least some kind of job experience by now. Yet I haven't had a job at all.
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Gable Gable | 3 days ago
Ahh. I was in that dilemma at one point Aswell. You have to go in, look presentable with your resume ready and ask to speak with the manager, tell then that you are very interested in working at the establishment and ask if they are interested in taking your resume. Or you can get one of your friends that works to recommend you at their work. Or try making connections with people that do hire people, or people that do know people who hire. Please answer my question!
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Gable Originally Answered: Can someone give me some advice?
First of all do not say you were not the brightest student because I can already tell you have one element that will serve you well. You sound educated and that can open a world of possibilities. Don't be so discouraged, there are a lot of people in your situation. Recognize that you are fortunate enough to have good parents that give you a place to sleep. I would recommend the military first, they will get you the self esteem and education that you need. If that isn't possible I would recommend finding a job that you can be proud of. I am making a fraction of what I did 10 years ago but I do enjoy my job and it sounds better than it really is. For example I am doing property management but basically that just means I wake up at 2am to fix a rental properties kitchen faucet. I got into this line of work first because I love construction, building. The skill isn't that hard to acquire, youtube videos and you can learn enough to walk onto a job site and get by. Right now your job is at Fast food, well you can step it up and find a job at a restaurant. Rather than being the dreaded burger flipper at McSatans you can be a Chef at Olive garden. Getting a job at a restaurant is easy, wont pay alot but its more than minimum wage and you can grow there. Now here is a little known trick about getting a job. After dressing nice and filling out the application call them the next day and say "I would like to check on the status of my application". Trust me managers are much more prone to hiring a person rather than an application. If they are hiring 9 times out of 10 they will give you an interview. After that you have them wrapped around your finger. I studied sociology in college so I have a pretty good understanding of how people think. Smile, give a firm hand shake and keep the responses simple and small. Ask at least 3 questions not related to pay or any form of compensation. Lastly research them, all companies donate money to charity, lets say the company you are interviewing for is a big supporter of autism awareness. When they ask you why do you want to work here? "Well I read in an article that your company supports autism research, my nephew is autistic so I would like to work for the company that supports my family." Again please don't beat yourself up over this, the situation sucks for everyone and you are not alone. G-d bless.
Gable Originally Answered: Can someone give me some advice?
Pray and tell god to help you live a bright future! :) he will answer your prayers if you accept him as your savior!:)

Denis Denis
First off don't rely on the corporate level stuff. These guys have a main hub that sorts through the applications by your "score" on their application. With that being said make sure when you answer those questionnaires its not your personal opinion and its what the employer wants to hear. Sometimes you gotta be fake. I would go to some local places that are hiring and try to get a job there. When applying to them call back around three days later and ask if they have had a chance to look over your application. If they say no say thank you very much and call them back in a few more days. Try anything you can find whether it be retail or food service to anything in between. Keep in mind to go to the place es where you do not think you will enjoy the job. The first jobs are about getting your feet wet and getting some experience, these are not going to be careers you keep your entire life.
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Denis Originally Answered: SOMEONE please give me advice?
Sounds like you are feeling terrible. If you are really sick, then stay home or go see a doctor. If you are just in a funk, get you butt to class. The rest of us are waiting. =) Hope you feel better soon. God bless, CK

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