I would like to teach english in asia?

I would like to teach english in asia? Topic: China research for students
July 17, 2019 / By Everette
Question: What should I keep in mind when considering China. I am a young guy that wants to learn about other cultures and have a good time. Is there a good nightlife in the big cities of China? could I stay there long term if i liked it, or do immigration laws make you leave after a certain amount of time? Will I have to watch what I say or worry about going to jail? I obviously don't know much about China. I have researched Korea and Japan and thought I should do the same for China.
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Colette Colette | 1 day ago
This website: http://middlekingdomlife.com/guide/chinese-education-system-students-english-teacher.htm should answer most questions about teaching, but it will depend on where you work. As for immigration, the hiring officer at your school will see that you have everything done. Just ensure that you come with a Z Visa, and not a tourist visa. Anyone who tells you to come on a tourist visa and later convert it, will be scamming you. Yes, you will have to watch what you say, particularly in the presence of students.
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Colette Originally Answered: Teaching english in asia?
I'd say your first step should be to find a recruiting company that's based in Australia, not one that's based in Thailand, then discuss it with them. If it were China it's very easy you just need to find a school and they send you a letter and such, I'm not too sure on the laws of Thailand. Either way, a western based recruiting agency is they best way to go.

Berenice Berenice
One piece of advise, never pay for "hassle-free" job placement. Some schools charge up to $1,000 for this service, but it's the school that hires you that will provide you with the visa, accommodation, etc. Salaries in China are quite generous in relation to the costs of living. Beijing has a good night life and like every metropolitan city it can be expensive. Tokyo is out of this world and you will have a blast there. The minimum requirement to teach in Asia is a BA and a 100-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate like the one from Ontesol at http://www.ontesol.com Cheers! Lucas
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Adrianne Adrianne
Under new regulations, you need a degree, a teaching certificate and two years experience to work legally. If you are coming for the night life, I'd suggest you go elsewhere. No one is going to take you seriously as a teacher. We want professionals - not kids looking for fun. There are a few restrictions on what you can say in class, but not many. You are unlikely to go to jail unless you are a complete idiot.
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Adrianne Originally Answered: Hello! Can you tell me what the best way to learn English is? Who can teach me to study English?
cantilena91's answer is very good, so if I were you I'd start there. I am very interested in helping non-natives to improve their English, so if you ever want help with English, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Just to name a few, some things I could help with include: - Correcting pieces of English you've written (including explanations of what was wrong and any advice to help prevent these mistakes in the future) - Helping you understand something you've read but haven't fully understood - Helping your pronunciation (I can record words or passages as mp3s) - Answering questions relating to grammar Good luck, and I hope you'll accept my offer! :)

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