How do i get someone in trouble for opening my bank statements it got mailed to my old address and my ex

How do i get someone in trouble for opening my bank statements it got mailed to my old address and my ex Topic: Personal statement opening
July 19, 2019 / By Eliane
Question: my ex opened them and knows exactly where i have been and what i have bought....help me yall...isnt that a federal offense!!?
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Chita Chita | 9 days ago
First you need to call the bank and give them the correct address. Technically, it is against the law to open someone elses mail. These are one of those laws that are hard to enforce though. When did this happen, today, yesterday? Its a good idea to call the police and have them make a report, (what will happen afterwards is not in your hands). Sometimes they will just make a report, and the purpose of that is so that there is legal documentation of the incident. This is good, in the event that your ex actually stole some of your personal information (SS#, account #) and uses that information to steal your identity. say in a few weeks you check your credit and find accounts on there that weren't opened by you and the timeline coincides with when the ex had opened your mail, well then the states attny has a pretty good case to prosecute. Depending on the officer that makes out the report, its possible they will arrest this person, especially with all of the identity theft these days. If they do choose to make an arrest, the offender will be given a court date and have to answer to the judge. Either way, immediate arrest or not, its probably a good idea to call the police, even if they just document it, better safe than sorry. Unfortunately, this person did illegally obtain information on you, where you had been and what you have been doing, and I certainly can understand your anger. Its best to nip it in the butt right now, and after you notify the bank, I'd go to the post office and fill out a change of address for as well, just in case there is something else on its way there. Good Luck!
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Chita Originally Answered: HELP. Bank statements?
It can be an electronic statement if you signed up for that, but yes, your bank will send you a statement that includes all your debit card transactions.

Aston Aston
I would suggest to sign up for online banking with that bank. That way you can view your statements online and the statements will never be mailed out. Your x should be in trouble with the law for opening mail that is addressed to you. If he admitted doing that then go after him for mail fraud
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Abagael Abagael
in case you're over 18 only ask her to no longer do it anymore. you may consistently have them sent to a diverse handle or get a postal field. you additionally can get an account that would not have paper statements. You for sure have get entry to to a working laptop or laptop, you may get digital statements and the doorstep mom would wish the person variety, which often isn't the comparable as your account variety and password to work out them. The economic company may even carry them for you and you will %. them up there. yet as long as you stay under her roof, she does no longer be arrested, that is not a criminal offense. regardless of the undeniable fact that, you and the doorstep mom for sure have some subjects. it ought to be extra advantageous to talk to her approximately them or in case you're of age, you may elect to pass out, you should leave homestead sometime and that is relaxing to get your first place and commence living your very own existence. regardless of the undeniable fact that,
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Sonny Sonny
yes it is a federal offense to open other's mail. Call the cops and prosecute. You have a case...
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Oscar Oscar
tampering with mail is a felony. the problem is that its hard to prove. you might have more success getting the bank to find out if she accessed your account without your permission. if you can prove she is using the info you might also be able to get her for stalking.
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Leo Leo
It is assuming they are solely addressed to you. However, they are going to her apartment. What you should've done was change the address.
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Leo Originally Answered: Bank statements?
sounds like BofA charged off the negative balance on your account, just so they wouldn't have to carry your account on their books anymore. Take the statement that shows that zero balance in to your local BofA branch and tell them you want to pay back the $12 you owe them. Ask them if they've reported your account to any credit reporting agencies or Chex Systems or anything like that. If they have, request that they report that your account is paid in full. You'd hate to not be able to buy a house in the future just because you owe BofA $12......

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