Was suspended from work, what do I do now?

Was suspended from work, what do I do now? Topic: What are use case scenarios
June 19, 2019 / By Fred
Question: I got suspended from work yesterday for 1 week, if I get another customer complaint I will be fired from my job Ill try to make this short as possible. A custoemr sent an email for something that happened that I dont even remember The customer complained saying I made fun of her Wal-Mart bag and that I called her low class. I would never do this first of all. I joke about reusable bags from competition stores saying that they’re "ugly" as a joke, a joke I’ve used in my 2 yrs at my company almost daily that has never offeneded anybody! That joke always had customers leaving laughing The customer also claimed that I was too busy talking to a bagger about a "man who had been murdered" and that I completely ignored her, her elderly mother and her 2 yr old daughter who had been asking for a balloon. I dont ever remember talking about a man being murdered with a bagger I would never discuss that sort of thing on the front unless a customer asked me about some high profile murder case and wanted my take on it (that didnt happen in this scenario, but customers have asked my opinion on similar matters) I dont recall discussing a murder with my bagger though. I was shocked a customer would write what I believe is a false statement about me My Store manager asked me if I remember this situation at all which supposedly happened a few days ago and when I told him I didnt he accused me of calling the customer a liar. I asked him to let the customer know that I was sorry for what happened even though I dont remember he said he would let the customer know that I am "almost" as embarassed as he is about the situation My coworkers at my store are shocked by this because I’m well known and liked by so many of our regular customers and I never ignore anybody. The one occasion that I did I was just having a really crummy day and didnt want to talk to anybody and I was written up for it. The fact that I ignored a customer again made matters worse. Im going to try to transfer to a different department or go back to the store I worked at before where there was much less drama, secrets and lies going on among associates. The suspension really bothers me even though ppl tell me it shouldnt. I feel like Im unworthy of working at my company and that their standards are too high for me to follow, I feel liek such complete **** over this incident
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Deforest Deforest | 2 days ago
Let it go. You can only control you, not what the customer said or did. Transfer if you wish; drama creates too much stress. Is your store manager upset about the situation. Many times the easiest thing to do is to 'punish' the accused and let it go. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't what happened to you. If you believe that it is more than this; if your manager is really peeved about it, then ask that he get more details (the day the customer was there; the time of day; where in the store did this happen; what were you wearing). I really think it is a done deal...nothing more to do about it.
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Bartley Bartley
Definitely get a different job; if your customers include malicious people who like to make false complaints, you'll be doing yourself a favor!
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Zelia Zelia
The customer had a bad day and she took it out on you. If the company let's you go, it sounds like their loss.
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Yahoo statement on temporary suspension.Here are a few areas to consider: Have you noticed anything unusual that might suggest to you that someone else is using your account? If so, change your password on the Account Info page. You’ll be asked to sign in before proceeding. In the first section of the page, click Change Password and follow the instructions. Did you send or receive many attachments in a short period of time? If so, try deleting some of the emails you sent or received in a short period of time in your Inbox or Sent folder. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. During the suspension, you have access to all email in your Inbox, personal folders and Sent folder, and to your Mail Options. You will not be able to send or receive mail or save any drafts. Email sent to your account will bounce back to the sender.

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