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A Speech About Tiger Woods? Topic: Writing a biography about work
June 25, 2019 / By Leigh
Question: I have to write a biography speech about Tiger Woods and present it for summer school. What is special about Tiger, a sort of theme of him? For instance, I would think Micheal Jordan is special because he represents hard work and determination getting cut from basketball teams numerou stimes before becoming the amazing player that he did. So, what should I focus on? I need three main opints. I am definentely going to do his privileged early life. This is a speech class so it might be better to focus on him as a eprson isntead of a golfer. I should've just done Micheal Jordan... TIger is kind of just born into a good life lived a good life and then cheated on his wife repeatedly...
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Joni Joni | 6 days ago
You can do it about Tiger Woods's golf part of his life. He's the most mentally tough person in the world. That's what he's is special, like Michael was special for hard work and determination. From Earl Woods: "I said 'Tiger, I promise you that you'll never meet another person as mentally tough as you.....in your entire life.' And he hasn't. And he never will."
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Joni Originally Answered: Can I have a summary of the whole Tiger Woods scandal?
I think it's just ridiculous and totally blown out of proportion. And I don't understand what it has got to do with his career. Some might say that this is the price they pay for being so rich and famous but Tiger's not a celebrity as such, he's a golf player. And I find it very unlikely that he had SO many mistresses and that his wife didn't suspect anything - they always do. But all this just proves my theory that not everybody should get married and have kids. Maybe Tiger should have stayed single and live a happy bachelor life. To hell with conventions.
Joni Originally Answered: Can I have a summary of the whole Tiger Woods scandal?
1. The story broke when a person sold a story to a tabloid/media outlet regarding an affair Tiger had. 2. Within a week Tiger was in the hospital, the victim of a car accident near his home. A six page police report with a map is here but please note while looking at the map that his wife supposidly punched out the windows of the SUV with a golf club to "rescue Tiger": http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/yea... 3. Photos were taken: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/yea... 3. A neighbor called 911: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/29... 4. Within a few days TMZ broke with this story: http://www.tmz.com/2009/11/28/tiger-woods-elin-nordegren-fight-accident-suv-lacerations/ 5. SNL spooked the case within 2 weeks of the accident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOkhHTe1tVQ&feature=related 6. Since the accident over a dozen, 14-17 women, have either directly said they had an affair with Tiger or said someone they knew had an affair. 7. Over the past couple weeks a number of sponsors have dropped Tiger's endorsments, and he has quite the PGA tour for now.
Joni Originally Answered: Can I have a summary of the whole Tiger Woods scandal?
Now that Tiger Woods wife has BLACKMAILED him, claiming $80 million to stay IN marriage, there must be many married women out there, thinking 'Hmm.... if I can leave him tomorrow, would nt that be an easy way to get his fortune?' America is an easy place for beautiful ladies to make money if they just find out this method! Remembering that there are no penalties if SHE is caught cheating; and that, like Tigers wife, the MEDIA would protect the WOMAN, even if SHE assaulted HIM! Or - EVEN - IF - she - had - cheated - on - him! With PROPAGANDA power like this at their disposal, male-haters need to fear no one! They even started castigating that Tiger had assaulted HER, by simply saying that 'a woman' ( her mother actually ), had been taken to hospital form the Tiger family home. ( Actually she was being treated for an upset stomach ) With even histrionic personality disorders ( wikipedia ) being respected by the anti-male media, Would any celebrity male with an IQ over 40, ever want to marry in the future?

Genevieve Genevieve
i definitely do no longer think of he ought to ought to declare something to everybody different than his spouse. it truly is none of our company. So ok he screwed up, he's not the 1st and he won't be the final. per possibility he does have a topic or possibly he would not yet utilising it as an excuse so he could have a clarification for his strikes. he's an extraordinary golfer and this would not have something to do together with his profession. besides i'm hoping he gets appeared after out and his spouse can forgive him finally. i do no longer think of she grow to be there reason it grow to affix Tiger's scientific care.
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Genevieve Originally Answered: Tiger woods and double standards?
It is double standards. No one should hit a person like that. Men can't be expected to just sit back and take it. Man it's a 9 iron for Gods sake. Feminist policies mostly side with women but men really need more rights here.
Genevieve Originally Answered: Tiger woods and double standards?
one million.) This truthfully IS a double time-honored. although i'm uncertain it became into proved that his spouse beat him, there are a number of adult adult males that are victimized by ability of their woman companions and that concern isn't given the time it merits. 2.) i'm no longer so constructive it quite is often seen a double time-honored. whilst a guy marries somebody (AND whilst a woman marries somebody) they are making a option to be honest to that guy or woman, till in any different case agreed upon by ability of the two companions stepping into into the marriage. those "different women human beings" did no longer unavoidably understand his spouse or owe her something. you could in no way blame adultery on the guy with whom adultery became into committed, because of the fact there are loads of alternative beautiful human beings for a cheater to cheat with. purpose is the actual grave flaw. it must be suggested by ability of a few (and has been suggested by ability of a few) that the ladies human beings he cheated with have undesirable character, are egocentric, "slutty", and are searching for to capitalize off of Tiger's acceptance at notwithstanding fee. widely used women human beings who cheat on their husbands must be subject to an identical scrutiny as Tiger, yet having intercourse with a married guy or woman once you're a single guy or woman does no longer mean you're cheating on their companion.

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