Can someone please asses my guitar skills so far and give me your thoughts, opinions, and tips/advice?

Can someone please asses my guitar skills so far and give me your thoughts, opinions, and tips/advice? Topic: How to write a song on guitar for beginners
July 17, 2019 / By Alyse
Question: Can someone please asses my guitar skills so far and give me your thoughts, opinions, and tips/advice? -i also have a few questions if you dont mind answering them, Im 19 yrs old and i picked up a guitar (acoustic) for the very first time in mid december of 2009. i started taking lessons once a week. at first i was just interested in learning so i could know a few chords or so and be able to play fairly easy acoustic songs. however, about a month into it, i found myself really LOVING this instrument. (this occurred once i got my first electric guitar, which i find way more fun and interesting than an acoustic) (not saying i dont enjoy a good acoustic song though) i just love all the sounds i could get off my electric and how i could in a way almost "amplify my thoughts and feelings through the guitar" sound kinda weird, i know lol anyway so ive been practicing for almost 4 months now. i could play "sweet child of mine" almost spot on all the way to the part before the solo. i could also play "knights of cydonia" (im currently working on the solo) my guitar is an Ibanez SAS32 (I LOVE IT) and im wired to a Hartke 15 watt guitar amp. i still take weekly lessons (as well as help from a good friend who plays) but i feel thats not enough, so im thinking about paying for online lessons as well. i practice almost every day anywhere from 30min-5hrs. i do admit most of my practicing consist of me just trying to play somgs i like but recently, ive been trying to correct that. let me make it clear that i want to be REALLY good. at first my goal was to just maybe someday be able to play stairway to heaven but now i have dream of being in my own band (although i have no intent to make that my career, just more of a hobby) (i want to be a dr :) lol anyway, i start college thiss fall and i enrolled in a music theory class for non music majors. im hoping this will help. i have also purchases a few guitar method books and guitar theory books. right now im really motivated to get as good as i can, as fast as i can. heres my plan for the next 5 months before i start college (i know that once i start school, i wont have nearly as much time to practice as i do now) i will practice a required 6 hrs everyday. 2hrs - technique 2hrs- theory/reading music 2hrs- songs, covers, and messing around. now here are my questions 1) does this routine sound effective? 2) am i on track to being a great guitarist? 3) how much more/how much faster progress will i make? 4) does it sound like i may have some type of natural talent? if so, will it help me at all? 5) if i continue this routine, when do you think i may be able to play stairway to heaven solo? and when might i be able to be in my own band? 6) is my guitar (Ibanez SAS32) a good guitar that i will still be able to use down the road, even when im really good? or will i have to be a new/better one eventually? 7) im really interested in buying some effect pedals (mainly the Boss ME-70) money isnt an issue and i love all the affects i can get out of it, but is it ok to get it even though im still a beginner? 8) any advice on which sclaes i should learn first ( i havent focuses too much on them yet) 9) any other comments, thoughts, tips, or advice? 10) (this is kind of off topic, but i have a floating tremelo system with a tremelo arm that just pushes into the bridge, however, when i use my whammy bar alot, like in knights of cydonia, it kinda starts to want t come loose of the little hole. i comes out like half and inch so every now and then i have to push it back in) also, the bar itself is very loose and just dangles there unless i grab it to use it. (again, like i said, i barely touched my first guitar just a few months ago so im not to famaliar with alot of this stuff. is this normal? anything i could do about it? Thank you everyone so much for taking time to read/answer this :) all help is greatly appreciated! oh, almost forgot. the online lessons im interested in are on ultimateblackbeltguitar.com i really like they guy and how he teaches. any thoughts on that or got better suggestions??
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Best Answers: Can someone please asses my guitar skills so far and give me your thoughts, opinions, and tips/advice?

Vic Vic | 7 days ago
Good job! 1) I would practice a little less and less everyday getting into a routine for college. So I would say you should practice 20 minutes technique, 10 minutes theory, and 30 minutes of songs and etc. every day so you can do other things instead of practicing 6 hours a day. (All that will do is get you tired!) Keeping up like that will get you 7 hours per week and you will get extremely better! ;) I guarantee! 2)You are definitely on track for being a great guitarist because with all that practice, you will guarantee a huge amount of success!! 3)You will make a huge amount of progress but dont over practice, because you do wanna do other things in your life! ;) 4)It does sound like you have some natural talent! I think that you are going to be a great guitarist!! 5)Read what I wrote for Number #1 about your routine. You will eventually be able to play that with a winning attitude and great skill !! :D XD 6)Yup, its a good one! Eventually, if you get really good, you might want to get a very advanced one, but for now, as a beginner, yours is great! :) 7)Sure! You can try it out and its always great having it, even if you cant use it now, you might be able to later! 8)I would learn all the basic scales! If you find a good book at a music store, they will show you a couple! 9)I think you are going to do really great!!:D 10)I would go to a music store that does repairs and ask them about it! They would be very eager to help you!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! :D!! IM ROOTING FOR YA!!:D XOXO CHRISSY <3 :D
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The art of being skillfull at anything is natural talent, combined with practice practice practice.But then when get that certain feelling,just take a step back, relax take a deep breath and let the talent you have flow out. THEN everything will just seem so easy.All the best Ken.
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Ross Ross
1.) Your routine sounds very well balanced, if not a little exhausting. You mentioned that you spend a lot of your practicing time just playing something you really like, and thats absolutely fine. Many of the guitarists we hail as legends never read a note in their lives, so don't stress out TOO much about the theory, although it is really good to know. 2.) Lots of factors go into becoming a great guitarist. Dedication is one of the many aspects of that, and it seems like you're willing to put in the time. Another factor is style: To be really considered a "great" guitarist, you have to find your own style and sound. Think of guitarists you admire and consider aspects of their styles that you would like to incorporate into your own sound. 3.) It depends. Some people are much faster learners than others. A friend of mine picked up a guitar for the first time a few years ago and was playing "Eruption" about a year later. I've been playing guitar for quite a while and i'm STILL working on that one. 5.) Practice, Practice, Practice. Just keep practicing and eventually you'll be able to play it. As for being in a band, you could start a band right now. Just get some of your friends together and play some stuff for fun and see where it goes. 6.) I've never been a big fan of Ibanez, but I know lots of people who swear by them. Remember, it's not the guitar that makes the guitarist. I saw a guy playing absolutely sick jazz guitar at a club. Afterwards, i got to talk to him for a bit, and I realized the guitar he was using was a $150 stock Squier Strat. So, yes, that guitar should last you a while. 7.) Effects are all well and good, if thats what you're into. Personally, I just prefer plugging straight in to a good-sounding tube amp. But, if you like your effects, go for it. 8.) the Blues scale is usually a good place to start. I'm really not too sure what kind of music you're into playing, but for all intents and purposes, the blues scale is one of the main ones to know. 9.) Just remember, the most important thing is to have fun! If you have any more specific questions, feel free to email me at comradeyeltsen AT gmail DOT com.
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Montmorency Montmorency
you seem really motivated.. good on you! =) oh yeah, just remember don't let the whole guitar thing 'take over your life'.. just a random piece of advice. oh yeah, the stairway to heaven song isn't that hard.. (well, i actually haven't tried learning it.. but it was labelled on this guitar website that it was just an Early Intermediate solo) i think your guitar seems pretty good. but if you want, you could get some 'back-up' guitar just in case something bad happens to your Ibanez. umm, as for scales, just start with the minor pentatonic scale, then work your way to learning major and minor scales.. and then go off and learn some modes. (hehh i'm trying to learn these right now, but i'm a selftaught guitarist, so i don't really know how to teach myself that stuff...) and lastly, i don't know anything about whammy bar, as my guitar (a crappy beginner Ibanez one) doesn't have it.
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