Eight cops for a food fight. is that neccessary?

Eight cops for a food fight. is that neccessary? Topic: Organization for school papers
July 17, 2019 / By Jonna
Question: We had a massive food fight in the high school, i was one of the instegators and i was escorted by the police. they had eight cops, administartion and the school cop, I am suspended for the rest of the school year!! and i have to do community service. do you think that is a little too far ok who ever told me to grow up needs to get their facts straight, i am a 17 year old junior, you are an adult chatting online. I have most likely grown more than you have, I am currently writing for the NUMBER ONE race track in america. I am a journalist for the local paper, and am currently the editor in chief of the high school organization, i have had a horrible upbringing and was forced to mature very fast.. I have been a provider for my family and my lowest grade has been a b+. So don't judge me based on a food fight.
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Genie Genie | 9 days ago
It is a liability thing nowadays. It's not all your fault society is like this now -- if someone got hurt, then parents would sue the school. People are such crybabies today. There were school shootings and other incidents that have made schools veeery jittery about school riots and incidents. It's not like the "good old days" when you could have a food fight until, well, there was simply no more mystery meat and mashed potatoes left! Is it too far? Yeah. Who do we blame? All of us.
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Delaney Delaney
No, not at all too far. If they'd had 20 available, they'd have sent 20. You have to remember this... The police, don't read minds, nor does the 911 center. They don't know you, whether you're a good or bad person for example, and they don't know what's really going on when they get the call. They more-than-likely got several calls for the same incident (the wonders of cell-phones and partial-911-education) and every one of those callers probably said something different. Some may have said "it's just a food fight, nothing to worry about" and some may have said "bunch of kids fighting." On top of that, 911 callers come in all shapes and sizes. Some will downplay a major event, while some make a fistfight sound like a major gang battle. In order to protect you, and themselves, they have to assume the worst before they get there and actually see what's happening. Once they all got there, saw what was going on, there's no reason not to stay and help the other officers, if for no other reason than quicker and more efficient information gathering. This is no different than a fire response. If four people call in a fire at a house, three say it's a brush pile in the yard and one says they see smoke coming from the house, guess what's coming....a full structural response. Why? Because it's better to send them home when it turns out to be a brush pile than it is to have a brush truck arrive at a dwelling fire, maybe with people trapped inside, and then have to wait for more help to arrive. This can mean the difference between them getting you out in time...or covering you up afterward.
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Brooklyn Brooklyn
did all the police officers instantly know when they were called that this was only a food fight, and did they then all come despite that knowledge just so they could get out of the donut shop? does the word Columbine mean anything to you. the police get called for an altercation at a school, they don't know if they are going to come into a full blown combat scenario against automatic weapons/explosives, or if it is going to be one idiot throwing pudding. so, is it a Little too far? not at all on their part, but it was a lot too far on your part,back in the 40s50s,60s the police in question would have had the freedom/authority/parental backup and support to give you a rap across the snout and knock you into next week so you could learn a little lesson about attitude, and the proper adjustment thereof. I hope some of your community service involves working at a food kitchen, food pantry,or similar situation so you can see people who don't even have enough food,since you have so much (paid for by parents and taxpayers) that you can afford to throw it around.your "question" sounds like bragging; you clearly admit to being an instigator, you happen to mention you were escorted by 8cops/administration and the school cop, no doubt because your reputation as a skilled combatant and sharp witted debater was probably already known.every time I read a post like this, all I can think is.... just 2 days, give me a mouth/attitude case like this for 2 days,and we will come to an understanding. you know at the age I am at now I never hear people looking back to high school years and saying"wow, I am so proud and glad that I was the commanding officer of the food fight that got me suspended and showed all the cops how tough I was because it took 8 of them just to escort me out. No, but sometimes I will hear of someone who did something like habitat for humanity, and 20-30, or more years later they still look back with pride and true joy at how they helped a family and had a blast doing it
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Alix Alix
The police are very sensitive about any sort of violence (food fights qualify) these days. After all of these shootings in the past most schools and police depts are all into planning. If someone was shooting you would be more than happy to have the police appear with 8 officers. That means that if something happened they are going to be there pronto. Lawsuits abound now. More police means more witnesses. But all in all. Foodfights are for children and the weak minded ones. Do your time and don't do silly little school girl stuff again. A confident person who is secure has no need.
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Uriah Uriah
No it's not. If the Teachers couldn't control it what makes you think 1 or 2 cops could? The suspension is a little much yes, but it doesn't hurt you. I'm presuming that you're still allowed to take your exams.
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Rod Rod
Hundreds of angst-ridden teenagers? I think that is appropriate. The longer the food fight continues, the better chances of someone's kid getting hurt, then suing the school, etc. etc.
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Michah Michah
yeah kinda FOOD FIGHT lol....damnm 8 cops you dont see that when a place is getting robbed lol...yeah i mean if you started it and other people said it was you some one could have really got hurt think about and it all could have turned into a big fight so the cops were there just incase atleast you dont have to go to school for 1 month...a little cleanign the envirometn wont kill you....
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Juda Juda
Sounds reasonable. You do not know how it was called into the Police. I see you are not complaining about how the Police treated you, so what is the problem?
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