Should I pull an all-nighter?

Should I pull an all-nighter? Topic: Should i do homework on friday night
June 26, 2019 / By Jordi
Question: Ok so I was gone from school on Friday and already got some missing work from my teachers...i only had spanish homework. I am in 9th grade and it's 4:30AM and i still need to start my homework from thursday night and friday night. I was thinking of just pulling an all nighter and just start getting ready about 6AM and be ready for school. but i was also thinking of taking maybe like an hour nap at like 5AM. What do you think ? Should I do this? If I do...what are some good ways to help me stay awake in school. I mean i could go to the nurse during gym and take a nap if i really needed too. I also have access to the cafeteria in the morning so i could buy something to help me stay awake. Ok let me know what you think i should do...thanks also none of the "why are you on yahoo answers, get to your homework" business....i am just looking for a good opinion.
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Genya Genya | 4 days ago
I've done this before, get the homework done and pull an allnighter. That means it's out of the way and you don't have to get up in the morning and attempt it half asleep. Once you get home from school you will be soooooo bloody tired, but that makes going to your comfy bed even more precious lol, go to bed about 7-8pm and get a really good sleep.
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Delilah Delilah
if you already know what people are going to tell you why you ask you know were just going to tell you to be responsible and that you should of done your homework on time or stop wasting your time and just do it because loking thru all this answere is just going to waste your time is nice that your trying to fix you mistake of not doing tour homework but i think either way your screwed.
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Buffy Buffy
go to sleep and leave the home work till the morning get up a hour early and do it or leave it for school lunch break or something sleep is more importnant
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