I need some topics for writing?

I need some topics for writing? Topic: Interesting topics for writing a book
July 20, 2019 / By Concordia
Question: I enjoy writing a lot, but half the time I don't know what to write about. Do you know any interesting topics to write about are or any links to sites with writing topics (creative writing)?
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Berry Berry | 7 days ago
Try this exercise: rewrite and recreate endings to your favorite novels. Try reading a new book half way and the writing the rest. This will not only build a genuine capability to design and produce ideas but it will also help you, for the time being, to make yourself happy by using your own ideas to write without having to strain too much about story ideas and such. This worked for me. I hope it works for you! :)
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Berry Originally Answered: What are some formal writing topics?
If you are in high school- if you play guitar consider doing an informative paper on your favorite guitar what it's made of and how it effects the soun and how different pickups effect the sound. If not you could do a biographical work on one of your favorite artists. If you are required to cite your works use citationmachine.net
Berry Originally Answered: What are some formal writing topics?
Write about the olden days. About a kid in the 50's-60's trying to become a musician. Or something like that.
Berry Originally Answered: What are some formal writing topics?
Well mainly you can try doing some research on these bands and singers, then you can write ur thesis and statement. But if its right off the back write about what you know for example one of my favorite bands is "the doors" for example I did research on the band(naturally) and then I started on my essay. But all of this also depends on who you are writing this too for example or the type of essay ur writing it varies.

Affricah Affricah
I think it helps to write about something that happened to you. You don't have to stick to it, but paralleling something with a true life experience adds a lot of depth to to the story. You often see fictional writers create something out of reality. For example Irvine Welsh was a huge drug addict and most of his books were about that. They are fascinating. I think a source of writing can be most powerful when the writer connects his text back to a universal truth/a common theme or understanding (implicitely or explicitely). So what to write about...I guess it depends on the person. What makes you tick? What do you like to do? Think about contemporary issues...what do people care about today? The financial crisis, being gay, racial issues, iraq. You don't have to be too intense at all...just some ideas. I wrote a story about a dog at a pound and won a $1,000 dollar first prize. Be creative too. I read this great book by Chuck Palahniuk (the author of Fight Club) and it was about a lullaby that killed everyone. You can literally choose anything and make a good story out of it with your skill, challenge yourself.
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Affricah Originally Answered: I need creative writing topics?
If you really want to write something, then you should think of your own ideas. If you let other people do it for you, then they'll probably pick topics that don't interest you particularly, so you'll end up with a bad story as a result. If you want to write something, you have to think of something yourself.
Affricah Originally Answered: I need creative writing topics?
write on how the kid generations from today worry to much about the looks and how the media is influencing the way people live today and what their values are. you can also try writing about how the popular dumass jokers from school are at times the ones that end up with the worst jobs. it would be something good to consider.

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