Idk what to do, all carrers are hard and boring?

Idk what to do, all carrers are hard and boring? Topic: So bored doing homework online
June 20, 2019 / By Karyn
Question: Im not interested in anything, i checked online for small careers. I don't like anything. I don't like doing anything anyways. Im mediocre at evrything but I want to live alright. I just want a small carrer but evrything is like I don't fit in because Im 18 and I literally look like a 12 year old and I even sound like one too. I tried going to college but the materials overwhelm me and the teacher piss me off sending me 20 homeworks a day thats why I want something small but still i dont like anything. Im in a rot, what you think I should do? Or should I just get an average job?
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Haydee Haydee | 9 days ago
So you know every career is hard and boring because you have tried them all??? Work at McDonald's? Work at a store? Become a truck driver (if you can drive a big rig without running anyone over), I would suggest a smaller truck though, like a UPS size truck (thinking of the safety of other people on the road). Become a laborer building houses or landscaping. Become a cleaner, cleaning houses and offices. Truck drivers and laborers can actually make pretty good money. You will make less money in these jobs than if you go to college. Try a two year degree in business or food service. Work in an office or a restaurant.
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Doretta Doretta
Try taking a career aptitute test, or an interest survey. Sometimes you can find these tools online or at your local jobs office. Occasionally, you can get them at a community college for no, or a very small, charge.
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