AGW believers, do you deny THESE facts?

AGW believers, do you deny THESE facts? Topic: Crime story news writing and reporting
June 16, 2019 / By Willow
Question: Volcanoes blowing their tops under the ice sheet: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/06/080625140649.htm The antarctic ice sheet is increasing:http://www.news.com.au/antarctic-ice-is-growing-not-melting-away/story-0-1225700043191 Emails reveal global warming scam: http://www.onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=791774 I looked and searched MSNBC and was unable to locate many facts about the AGW email scam. They did have a nice write up about Babs Boxer being more concerned about prosecuting an overseas email crime then she was with deliberate falsification of scientific data that directly equates to trillions of tax dollar revenues from the American people. So, since the left wing liberal lapdog media is choosing to NOT report facts, you will have to use the last link on my line up. Volcanoes spew 2000 or so degree lava. Ice melts with heat under it. GW biggest finger they have point to the melting north pole. so, that is a legitimate item. The data must be re-evaluated before sprinting forth on trillions of dollars of new taxes placed on the people with crap and trade.
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Sharmaine Sharmaine | 9 days ago
1) I'm noticing that each of these facts is from a different source. Blaming MSNBC for not reporting them means you should be blaming everyone for not reporting them. Apparently, each of these news sources only reported one. It's disingenuous to blame one source for the problems of the many. 2) Let's look at the facts one by one. "Volcanoes blowing their tops under the ice sheet" - Don't know how this supports or refutes global warming. Do you know how volcanoes work? There's a large amount of magma underneath the ground, way down, that rises to the surface over time. If the surface of the earth is what's changing temperature-wise, then this process wouldn't be affected. "The antarctic ice sheet is increasing" - I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand more times if I have to: the world is not homogeneous. The fact that Antarctica is gaining ice is great, but it's not evidence that climate change isn't occurring. All it says is that Antarctica is getting colder. "Emails reveal global warming scam" - Interesting, because from what I've seen, all they've done is call the evidence from this university into question. The evidence has yet to be proven false itself. Moreover, this is an editorial, it's not a fact. The fact that the author refers to "climate alarmists" is enough evidence for that.
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Sharmaine Originally Answered: Why do non believers put their opinions out as facts?
Science is about approaching a theory and reproducing it in order to validate or invalidate it. In many of the things of a paranormal nature the methods that have shown to provide answers in other areas are assumed to be valid for things that are not applicable. Being that paranormal activities by nature are not normal occurrences they are difficult to understand and develop new methods in order to provide testing. To do the testing one would need to be able to control the event but without even understanding the occurrence, it is not likely that the event can be controlled to reproduce, thus providing failed testing. It is not only possible but probable that the methodology used is partially responsible for the failure to provide any commonly accepted evidence. Being that evidence is unavailable many who base their assumptions on the lack of evidence will claim to use Occam's Razor which attempts to rationalize with the minimal amount of assumptions based on what is already known. This not only still makes use of assumptions but makes use of the assumption that what is already known is applicable for the basis of the assumptions made. Another ideology of those who claim science as a basis is to quote that it is up to the person who makes the claim to provide evidence in a manner that is acceptable by scientific methodology to verify the claim. This would mean that the non-scientist would be required to provide the scientist with the evidence within the scope of tried and tested failed methods to validate something that has shown the inability to be tested in the desired manner. If scientists are them self unable to come up with new theories for things that can not be explained without assumptions, how do they expect non-scientists to do what they are not competent enough to do in their own field? When someone does come up with new theories and results that do not follow traditional methodology the results and the theory are disregarded by many because they cannot successfully apply the former methods to test the new methods. It is not that science is not able to make advancements and correct itself but rather it takes accepting new approaches that do not fit the comfortably accepted methods. It is true that there have been advancements in various areas of the paranormal with new theories and methods but until understanding progresses to the point where new theoretical methods can become common there are many who will remain in their comfort zone of denial.

Paget Paget
No. I just think those things are trivial when compared to the greater body of Global Warming science. The arctic volcanoes don't explain why ice is melting everywhere else in the world, too. The growing Antarctic ice sheet is only occurring in one part of Antarctica; the other side of the continent is experiencing faster melting of ice than anywhere else in the world. The hacked e-mails don't prove global warming is a scam; they only prove that one university's science department were trying to make it seem more pronounced than it is. Your evidence is like claiming the actions of Governor Sanford of South Carolina proves that Republicans have no morals and hate their families.
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Mandi Mandi
you may in all danger shop your homegrown "sikology" at homestead, and not disclose it in this communicate board. there is not extra connection between chemtrail believers and anti agw's than there being a connection between warmist, and liberal democrats. No wait, that's no longer sturdy, there is not extra relationship between chemtrailists and anti-agw, than between warmists and professional enviro/greenies. No that may not paintings the two, almost all warmists have an schedule which is composed of being a liberal democrat, and being a member or sympathetic in the direction of anti-human environmental activism, blessed with an excellent splash of liberal socialism. So, no i'd say the chemtrail persons are on their very own path in this one. Come to think of of it, warmists are in all danger extra apt to settle for any crap technology approximately being poisoned from the air, the muse for chemtrails is related to a similar because of the fact the muse for AGW. Antis are somewhat extra discerning, and would ask for specific analyze to instruct this to be splendid. As far a AGW is going, we are nonetheless waiting. it particularly is heat out right this moment, i wouldn't in any respect have envisioned that, it being the midsection of July, and all, so good day perhaps you adult males are suited...
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Kimbra Kimbra
I don't know about global warming but our environment does need cleaning up alot.It does make sense that fossil fuels might be screwing up the planet.I have had the thought that we are really interested in finding water and other signs of life on the moon and Mars.We all know the ozone layer has been shot since the 60s.There is a lot of space junk.So maybe its real and maybe its too late anyways.
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Janet Janet
the first article is about volcanoes under the Arctic, such activity in the ocean is well known they just discovered it's also happening there. second article has several "related Articles" all of which contradict it. as for the third article, how do a bunch of e-mails negate that there is a northwest passage and several countries are fighting over ownership of the newly revealed arctic resources? Even though I think you are chest deep in your own anus, I do agree that there's no point in wasting resources on trying to reverse it. the scope of it is so huge that by the time you can detect the change your window of opportunity to change it has passed. much like pressing the brake pedal after the car has driven off the cliff.
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Erynn Erynn
Those emails didn't show that global warming didn't exist. It just expressed doubts scientists had about the data. This whole controversy just goes to show that conservatives will jump at anything that even suggests global warming is not real, even emails that use vague language and never directly say global warming is fake. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091212/ap_on_sc/climate_e_mails
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Claramae Claramae
Thank you for this question. But I find it interesting that a world famous climate scientist such as you can find the time to spend here with us members on the ignorant masses. You do so much to educate us about climate change that we would not know what to believe without you!
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Barbra Barbra
I guess you are unaware that the emails only address the research at one institution. The legitimacy of the emails is still being questioned, and research all over the world agrees with the conclusion. WTF do volcanoes have to do with global warming?
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Barbra Originally Answered: Is there any credible evidence that paranormal believers are cognitively inferior in some way to non-believers?
There is actually no conclusive evidence either way. One study They did find a correlation of sorts between paranormal believers and some measure of cognition and absorbtion. However similar studies among practitioners, which were expected to be as strong or stronger, produced no correlation whatsoever. Another study on Handedness, False Memories and Paranormal Belief seemed to support the first aspect of the other study. Both studies were conducted at the Anomalistic Psychology Research unit at Goldsmith University in London.

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