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June 19, 2019 / By Keren
Question: i try a whole bunch of stuff, and im buff everywhere else. i have a two-pack and i want a six-pack within 4 months (summer... swimming... girls) any advice? i try a whole bunch of stuff, and im buff everywhere else. i have a two-pack and i want a six-pack within 4 months (summer... swimming... girls) any advice? (be more detailed then just crunches... like tell me how many a day for how long.) keep answering... i NEED this sixpack lol cmon guys i need more suggestions
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Jacinda Jacinda | 9 days ago
The best exercise to turn your 2-pack into a 6-pack isn't an exercise at all. I'll start by saying that **ANYONE SUGGESTING CRUNCHES OR OTHER AB EXERCISES DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT** Ab exercises will not get rid of the fat covering your lower abs. It's 100% diet my man. You can do sit-ups until you can't get out of bed in the morning.. but believe me, without a good diet all your hard work will achieve virtually nothing except for some strong abdominals underneath a layer of fat. You do not need to do ANY ab exercises. ZERO. nothing. you have a six pack already, it's literally hiding underneath a thick layer of adipose tissue you've got on your gut (aka fat). I can put money on the fact that if you make just these few diet changes, you will see your 6-pack by the summer (granted you aren't extremely overweight). Here are the key things that need to happen to your diet. - Cut out as much bread as possible. Bread only provides you with "empty calories", or in other words, calories that give you no nutritional value. The carbs contained in breads are the types of carbs that lead to a spike in your blood-glucose level and result in the storage of the extra glucose as fat. - Cut out as much sugar as possible. Notice i didn't say cut out all carbs - just sugar. In case you've been living under a rock, sugar is a carb in its simplest form. Eating sugar results in a major spike in your blood-glucose levels. When these levels are high, the excess glucose in your blood gets stored as fat for later use as energy. you do NOT want this to happen. That is why you need to eliminate sugars, and focus on only eating things that contain compelx carbs vs. simple carbs (sugars). complex carbs can be found in anything that is labeled as "whole grain", vegetables, other high-fiber foods, etc. Do a google search for "Low G.I." foods and see what you come up with. That's what you need to be eating. - Don't eat any saturated fats. Sat. Fats don't get burned off easily, to simplify things. Your diet should actually contain a good amount of fat, but just the right kinds of fats. Any fat that is not "saturated" or "trans" fat is good for you. HOWEVER, just keep in mind that every gram of fat contains 9 calories (as opposed to carbs and protein which only contain 4 calories per gram). You should always keep an eye on your calorie count, and make sure that you're not taking in over 2k-2500 per day, for the average sized male. - Protein, protein, protein. Incorperate as much chicken, fish, and other lean meats into your diet as possible. Egg whites (no yolks) are awesome. The purpose behind having a lot of protein in your diet is to fill you up, without a spike in blood-glucose levels, and getting only 4 calories per gram of protein. I deal with people like you every day. People working their asses off with no results, and wondering why. Being educated in nutrition, I look around in disgust at the amount of people who neglect their diets. They look at themselves getting fat and wonder why. Knowledge is power, man. Educate yourself as much as you can. You only get 1 body.
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Eloise Eloise
Is your two pack on the top or the bottom of your abs, or the middle? You have to mix up lower ab exercises with upper, as well as side crunches, etc. Mix it up a bit, and improve your diet. Diet is everything. even if you think you are doing good, you know that you can do better.
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Christel Christel
Do what I call the running crunches. First lie flat on your back on the floor on a flat surface on your carpet. Then put your hands behind your head to support your neck, and curly into the fetal position with your knees bent to your chest and extend your left leg and your right elbow and vice verse with the other leg. Feel the burn.
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Aurora Aurora
I knew a guy in college with ripped abs. He made this bar attached to a wheel that he would roll on. It was like a long bar with a wheel in the middle and he did almost like a push up on this thing rolling it out with his arms and bringing it back in. This probably isn't making much sense, but he had a nice tummy. (Wow, I will be impressed if you actually understood that.)
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Abbygael Abbygael
Fat loss is the key. Most people have plenty of muscle, but it's covered up by the layer of fat. But be warned, genetics is also a factor. Some people, no matter what they do, just won't be able to get a 6 pack. More info: http://www.1000topics.com/weight-loss/
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Stanley Stanley
I find flexing the abs while exercising really hits them cause when u concentrate on a certain muscle group it gains more value for health and strength.
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Stanley Originally Answered: Does anyone have a solid weight loss diet and exercise routine?
My 55 year old husband is in the same situation, wanting to lose 100 pounds. He is 6'3" and weighed 310 last Oct. 2008. With dieting and walking, he has lost 60 pounds and looks and feels great. He is still losing and will not stop till he reaches his 100# loss. What he is doing is... Counting calories and walking. Counting calories is easy. He has a notepad and he writes down his calorie intake every day. You will be amazed at the calories you are eating. He was probably eating 3500-4000calories a day and did not even realize. He does not eat out either (which can account for lots of extra calories). At first, you will have to read all labels but soon you will have you regularly eaten foods calories memorized. Shoot for around 2000 calories a day of good quality food. You say you are 16 so I'm going to assume that parents do the shopping. Next time, go to the store and shop too paying close attention to the calories on the foods you like to eat. Look for lower calorie options. Eat vegetables and fruits, lean meats (unless a vegetarian) lower fat milk and cheese products, lower calorie bread, etc. Cut out the pop too, lots of nutritionally empty calories there. If you have never read food labels, be sure to notice how the labels read...sometimes they are deceiving, on purpose I think. I'm going to pick a common food, Campbells soup. On the nutrition label it states that Calories are 60. You think wow, the whole can of soup is just 60 calories...Wrong. Next you must look at how many servings are in the can...Servings about 2.5 You have to multiply 60x2.5=150calories. So the whole can is actually 150 calories. The other thing he is doing is walking. He started by walking 1 mile for a couple of weeks and then 1 1/2 mile, and gradually increasing to 3-3 1/2 mile each day. Sometimes he skips a day if its raining. Since you have an exercise bike and treadmill, you can actually walk and ride in your home while watching tv or listening to music. Cool. You do not have to deprive yourself of the foods you like but you do have to watch your portion sizes and eat as healthy as possible. Good luck.

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