Is an 18 good on act's?

Is an 18 good on act's? Topic: College paper graders
June 21, 2019 / By Keren-Happuch
Question: hey last year when i was 12 i got a 18 on my act's. i was forced to take it through duke tip. is that good? or average for a 12 year old? i have to take it again this year and until i go to college. so just tell me if it is good or not. it said at the bottom of the paper that i was ready for an english college course based on my english score and it also said that for science or maybe reading... so yeah... but anyways... i was just curious. ok thank you! p.s. it doesnt seem good because the highest is a 36 but then i beat and also got the same as most of the juniors that took it and a few seniors so yeah...... thank you!
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Jackaline Jackaline | 1 day ago
that's incredibly sad if an 18 beat most of the juniors and seniors. as a 12 year old it might be considered good but definitely not enough for a college level english class. at our school we took the act as an 8th grader and the average was a 27. i took it this year as a freshman and got a 29 and thats about average. i don't know what a 12 year old average is. i am guessing the average is somewhere around 18 or 19
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Elva Elva
An 18 is pretty average, but for a 12 year old, its really good! This time when you take it you should do better, cause you've probably learned a lot since then.
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