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The usual, guy questions? Topic: Motivated to start homework answers
June 19, 2019 / By Sukie
Question: ok ya so bascially to put it bluntly i like somebody. but hes really serious and i dont know if he lieks me..hes kind of serious and he talks to his friends. im in college and so hes in my math class and its summer so besides class i dont see him. & so ya hes like he doesnt laugh much. hes not like depressive. hes pretty smart; he doesnt seem it but hes jsut not very motivated in class. etc. but i just dont know how to get 'is attention. i know i shuld be myself. and i will; but which side of me should i show. of coures not the crazy-*** side cuz thats rude to randomly start annoying somebody when i barely know them. he sits next to me in class but i dont think he likes me. & im shy. yep.. well i guess my question is what do u think. & any insight (even about these kind of people, silent& all). its not like ill go to the ened of the world to get him to notice me (haha i sit next to him...) but itd be nice if we were friends. merci!
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Rachyl Rachyl | 7 days ago
Well, if he's smart, ask him for his help on something. It could be something you already know the answer to, but make sure it isn't really trivial. If that goes ok ask him if you could do homework together. If you have a cafeteria on campus do your homework there sometimes. When you're doing homework ask him as casually as possible what other subjects he likes, then slowly go into more personal stuff. Don't go too fast (too slow isn't good either, but it's better than too fast). I hope this helps.
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Rachyl Originally Answered: Went through a hard breakup, and im not acting like my usual self?
You're way to young to give up on life. That generally happens after you hit 40. Seriously though, he's the first guy that you really liked that's come in to your life. It doesn't mean he's going to be the only or last one. Most everyone here has been through what you've been through and there's no easy solution to just get over it. Time will heal your wounds but don't lock the whole world out either. There's many more people out there that will come and go in your life. Some will make a blip on the radar but others will make a huge impact on you. Let both do that. As far as seeing him in school, while it's going to be tough on you, apparently it's going to be tough on him too so just be friendly - even as much as it's going to hurt you initially, it will get better over time. Best of luck!
Rachyl Originally Answered: Went through a hard breakup, and im not acting like my usual self?
Please do not do anything stupid! I'm about your age and I personally believe that talking it out is the best way to solve problems. Try getting someone to talk to - perhaps a school counselor or your parents or your best friends - whoever you are close to and are comfortable with. If all else fails, just stay strong and hang in there.

Melinda Melinda
there is not some thing incorrect with him being quiet. it really is merely him! It does not advise he's after sex! we are all meant to be diverse. Why does it frustrate you that he's quiet and would not communicate English nicely? huge deal. he's human and can want to study English! Or, you may want to study a thanks to talk his language! it really is not too some distance fetched. You suggested two times that "you"re talkative". it really is tremendous for you, yet "he's not"! you pick human beings to settle for you for being who you're so that you pick to settle for him! Quiet isn't a ailment. considering he's quiet, you pick to keep being the talkative one. If he sees you accepting him, perhaps he will be delicate adequate to open up extra! perhaps he will finally admit he likes you! and probably in case you seem at his moves rather of searching ahead to a verbal sonnet, you'll see the message he's attempting to placed across through his moves! If all and diverse replaced right into a chatter field, who the hell will be listening to us?!! do not placed unreal demands on him, merely seem for the signs and indications! solid success!
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Leatrice Leatrice
Baby since he is in your class why not try being friends with him first because if thefriendship don't work out then you have your answer and then some guys like to play hard to get smile ps always be yourself because if not you will be more unhappy
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