Any tips for High School?

Any tips for High School? Topic: Homework tips high school
June 16, 2019 / By Adonijah
Question: My sister is going into High School and she is FREAKING out. We just moved into the area so she has no friends at all. She doesn't take any of my advice so I'm hoping she'll listen to you guys. I want real advice, nothing like (don't be ugly) because that **** doesn't help. Whoever gives the most useful info will be given the top answer.
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Storm Storm | 1 day ago
1. Say hi to the person sitting next to you in each of your classes. 2. Go in with a positive attitude 3. Get to know your teacher's school emails so you can submit papers, ask questions etc. 4. Don't be embarrassed or afraid to raise your hand to ask questions. 5. If you fall behind make sure you get help right away because then you will fall so far behind you'll have a hard time getting back on track. 6. Buy a whiteboard/ cork-board for your room or one of those wipe off wall stickers, and write down the due dates of assignments, long term projects, extended homework, group work, trips anything important. 7. Buy a mini whiteboard for your locker or a few magnets and write down the same things. 8. If you have no one to sit with at lunch sit alone, someone will come over to you :) 9. Get the phone number of someone in each of your classes for homework etc. 10. Take notes. 11. Keep your notes organized!!!! 12. You don't need a boyfriend to make you happy. 13. Don't ever lose a friend over a boy. 14. Getting into fights is not cute 15. Be assertive not to nice, not to mean. 16. Don't let people tale advantage of you. 17. If you happen to go out with an upperclassmen be careful. If a senior is after you they usually do want one thing. Now this doesn't mean that you have to stay away because there are very nice guys too. 18. You are not in love with someone after a month. 19. Juniors and seniors will leave you alone for the most part, sophomores are a different story. 20. Never go to a party alone. EVER 21. Unless you can drive don't have a friend suggest driving you to and from somewhere unless you know 100% there is a designated driver or your friend will not drink. ( yes high school parties have drinking) 22. Don't do drugs 23. Surround yourself with positive people 24. Join clubs, teams and things you like because you like it not to fit in. 25. Always make time for friends 26. Even best friends let secrets go, be mindful of what you tell who. 27. Don't listen to or spread rumors. Your eyes are the witness of the truth 28. If you have a problem talk it out. Tell your friend but ideally find an adult whom you trust completely to talk you through what's wrong. 29. Having a relationship with your parents is important. 30. Someone, somewhere will have a problem with you. Be the bigger person and ignore it. 31. Don't start drama, high schools more fun that way. 32. Girls can be mean. 33. Have pride, and dignity in yourself. 34. The girls that are sluts and get all the attention usually have self esteem issues. 35. People get pregnant, things happen, so protect yourself and never abandon a friend who is going through this. IN YOUR BAG/ locker 36. Keep an extra notebook folder. 37. Keep extra pads/ tampons 38. Pens, pencils ALWAYS get lost keep a lot. 39. Keep extra money 40. Little bottles of : gel, water, lotion etc. 41. Keep a brush 42. Keep some hair ties. 43. Keep an extra change of clothes in case of accidental wetting, accidents etc. 44. Keep some snacks in a baggie or a small bin thing ( my friend had a tiny one to keep out bugs) 45. Keep body spray 46. Three words TIDE TO GO best invention ever! 47. Your makeup, if you use anyone 48. A locker mirror 49. A pocket mirror 50. Deodorant OTHER 51. Keep a pair of old shoes in your gym locker so you never have to worry about bringing them home 52. Keep an extra pair of socks. 53. Brush every morning. 54. Give yourself time to eat in the morning. 55. Pack your bag, lunch projects the night before. 56. Set your alarm clock 1 min apart so it rings twice 57. Set your cellphone alarm too 58. Pick out a few clothes each night so you don't have to run around when what you thought you wanted to wear doesn't look right. 59. ALWAYS STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF 60. Take nothing but pens, pencils, a notebook and a folder the first day 61. Use your locker all the freshmen here think it's a good idea to not use lockers IKD why. 62. Find what studying method works for you. 63. Find what morning routine works for you 64. Find what HAIR product works best ( I knew one worked and I used a differed one and I looked like a lion by the end of the day) 65. Invest in Bobby pins. 66. Shower every night or morning or both. 67. Pack gum. So you always have minty fresh breath 68. Remember your phone. 69. Don't use a purse AND a bag 70. NOT PASSING GYM CAN PREVENT YOU FROM GRADUATING WITH YOUR CLASS!!!! 71. Have fun 72. Think about what interests you and what you want to do in college like think of a major 73. Don't over challenge yourself, only take on what you can handle
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Storm Originally Answered: Any tips for a freshman girl going into high school?
don't worry too much about getting lost on the first day. everyone gets lost. it's not worth stressing over. don't get involved in friend and guy drama. it's not worth it, and just feeds gossip. talk to people/don't be scared of them. being open will make people more likely to want to be friends with you. alternatively, don't be stuck up/be mean to people. don't do stupid stuff like drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or having sex (disclaimer for the last one: actually having sex isn't terrible in high school, but don't do it for the wrong reasons, do use protection against both pregnancy and STDs, and try not to have it screw you up emotionally. and probably avoid telling people, because it contributes to drama) don't be afraid to be yourself/different! take as many hard classes (AP/IB/honors) as you can handle, because they really do help your GPA and will help get you into a good college. study for tests and actually do your homework. try to get along with your teachers, and don't be afraid to go see them after class if you don't understand something. it may seem like college is a long way off, but it isn't. so don't forget to try to do well!

Quinta Quinta
Being the new kid is a great opportunity to, as I read earlier today, upgrade your personality. Since nobody has any preconceived notions of you, you can be whoever you want to be. For your sister, I recommend activating the social butterfly within. An exercise that works wonders for me is to imagine the very worst possible scenario. Then imagine the very best possible scenario, and realize that your imagination is working overtime to stress you. It's not going to be as bad as you think it will, unless you allow your thoughts to become actions. Be yourself, and don't be afraid to introduce yourself. A lot of the Freshmen will also be feeling the same stresses, and so you're not alone, and they're probably looking for new friends as much as you are. ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS. People like to talk about themselves, and the more they talk about themselves, the more comfortable they feel around you, which will result in them asking you the same questions and the cycle of chaos starts to end. Every transition is hard - but you can totally handle this one. Just breathe deeply, and hope for the best. It's all you can do, really, besides being prepared. And that is another easy thing to do. Go to the school beforehand. Try and meet people beforehand as well. Join a sport or a club. Get involved. Wear your favorite outfit (as long as it looks nice) on your first day. Do things that make you feel comfortable. And realize that your stress is affecting others too and will come back to bite you in the end. So just chill. It won't be that bad.
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Melantha Melantha
The most important thing is to be nice to EVERYONE! I know it might be hard to be confident and bubbly on your first day of high school when you don't know anyone but it will really help. Another thing that is important is what you wear on the first day. It will be the first time you meet your classmates and you want to make a good impression! Good luck!
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Leah Leah
be friendly, talkative at least try & keep ur head up high. only thing that'll get her through, she'll make friends fast. when i went into high school i might as well be one of those students that knew no one, cause thats exactly what it felt like with so many new students around me. lol She'll be just fine.
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