My best friend is upset with me because I hung up on her daughter, what would you have done in this situation?

My best friend is upset with me because I hung up on her daughter, what would you have done in this situation? Topic: How to write a check for cents only
June 19, 2019 / By Keysha
Question: My friend and I were driving hom in a terrible rainstorm from work (she was driving,) and her cell phone rang. It was her daughter, (whom I don't get along with at all. I can't stand this girl because she treats her mother like crap and is very disrepectful, selfish and rude.) She started yelling and cussing at her mother for even thinking of taking a retirement package that was being offered (the mother was in the same job for 38 years.) My friend started crying and begging her daughter to reconsider and "let" her retire. (who is the mother here anyway?) The car was all over the road, and I was afraid that we were going to have an accident. When I just couldn't stand the abuse she was getting from her 'perfect child,' I grabbed the phone away from her and said "Are you hanging up on her or am I?" I proceeded to hang up the phone and turn it off so no further calls would come in, and I put her phone in my purse. My friend freaked out that "Amy" would be furious that I hung up on her. I told her that I'd like to make it home alive, and f*ck "Amy" and her foul mouth and rotten disrespectful attitude. She was a nervous wreck all the way home talking non-stop of how "Amy" would retaliate for this action. I told her to grow a backbone and stand up to the Monster she created and tell her off once and for all. Who was in the right here? PS, she did end up taking the retirement package and after her daughter was cussing at her to get a job immediately and that she better not ask her for one cent because she'd be out on the street before she'd give her any money. Now she's looked a gift horse in the mouth and the opportunity to have a free babysitter. So now she dumps her two babies on her mother full time, doesn't pay her a cent to watch them, then has the balls to call her and say "I'm tired, can you bring the kids to my house," when she has to pass by the mothers house on the way home!!!! What is wrong with this picture? I think I probably just need to break off the friendship because it's severely affecting my mental and emotional health to see my best friend be used and abused this way. What's worse, is that she thinks it's ok because it's Family that's doing the abusing!! Please don't suggest talking to the daughter, she's always rude to me also. She told me I was an idiot if I thought my husband could hang a door. (this was in her mother's house, so I didn't want to disrepect my friend in her own home,) so I said "Amy", I'm well aware of what my husband can and can't do after 30 years, he's hung quite a few doors in his time, and they've always been perfect. Then when I got a puppy she left a message on my cell phone telling me I was crazy for getting another dog. Like I need her opinion? So to retaliate, she never invited me and my husband to her Mother's retirement party...I only found out about it the next day when the people that attended were calling or emailing me asking me why her best friend didn't attend her retirement party!! Boy that hurt my feelings big time. This is the type of nonsense that her daughter is capable of...I swear she's pure evil and a Demon Seed! The daugher is an adult...37 years old, and my friend is 57. She is an only child and spoiled rotten....obviously. This girl has also done things like take her mother's check book and credit cards away from her, telling her she spends too much money, and is in EVERY iota of her business, especially financial. Every month my friend has to hand over her bank statement to this witch for her to scrutinize!!
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Jaime Jaime | 6 days ago
Wow! What a story! It made my hair stand on end! The way you wrote it, I could totally picture it in my mind. It was actually a desperate situation. You did exactly the right thing! I would have done the same. If she was that worried, I would have called the little B**** and told her myself that it was ME who hung up! ( and I'd give her a piece of my mind too) Your friend sounds very abused! Imagine when she's much older and might have to be "taken care" of by this wretched girl? OMG she'll be a victim of senior abuse! What a sad situation. I wish your friend the best.
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I don't know anything about US law, but purely from a privacy act point of view, I think you would have to have permission to view the info. I don't think they would disclose the juicy detail to a friend, relative or even an employer.

Emmy Emmy
I would have done the same thing and proabably a bit more. What is wrong with this woman? I dont even see how you are friends with her. Why is she letting her daughter control her freaking life. her and her daughter need some freaking help. No it doesnt make it right because the family is doing the abusing. It kind of makes the situation worse. What's going to happen when the mother gets old and cant take care of herself? We know the daughter isnt going to care.
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Ciel Ciel
Wow talk about elder abuse gone wild!!You were very right in hanging up on that bi**h and if that were my friend I would be paying a visit to this daughter of hers and letting her have it.She doesn't deserve a mother if that's how she's going to treat her.Perhaps you could let your friend stay with you for a while and don't let her daughter know where she's at for about a week or two.Maybe when she's faced with the fact the "Mom" isn't there for her needs and rants and thinking that she's lost her...maybe she'll change her tune.
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Ayn Ayn
Wowww. I would of done the same thing. The sad thing is that she does not see any wrong of her daughter..Does she have any other children? don't think so. But maybe her daughter is beating on her already. Sad to say it. I don't think you should cut the friendship you are probably her only friend but i do think you should tell her u feel and how it is affecting you and take it from there. How old is this Amy she need her butt whip...
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Abijah Abijah
I don't blame you one bit!! I USED to have a friend whose daughters were the same way! They would be very rude to me whenever I came over to visit, and he would always make excuses for their behavior. It used to piss me off big time that he always would think his two daughters were his "little angels". Last I heard, both of them, now that they are adults, have been in trouble with the law, and have mothered kids from at least three different guys each. You care enough for your friend to not see her treated like ****! If she cannot appreciate that, then maybe you had better reconsider the friendship. I did with my former friend, and I haven't missed him much when we parted company back in 2001. My thoughts for what they are worth! Happy Holidays.
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