How much homework is too much for a freshmen in high school?

How much homework is too much for a freshmen in high school? Topic: How do i finish my homework faster
May 26, 2019 / By Nebuchadrezzar
Question: Every night I have around 8 hours of homework, and I'm not in any honors classes. It's kind of making me stressed out because I always see my friends on facebook or playing outside and I'm stuck inside doing homework. My school day is 8 am to 4 pm, then I get home at 430 and work until midnight(and I work pretty fast). Any tips on helping me get through this would be great haha. Thanks! Off to do more homework lol Thanks for the answers. Yes it's not including studying. I have recently been using my lunch period to finish some homework which takes about 40 minutes off my back. No free periods either! Ugh...
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Kevan Kevan | 1 day ago
I am a senior in high school and have taken multiple honors classes, I live in an upper class town and go to one of the best (and hardest) public high schools in the state (in the country actually) and I have never had that much homework. Studying and homework? Yeah, but not just homework. Something I do even now is finish homework during school, I mean every free moment do some part of your homework. There are no free periods in my school and lunch is 23 minutes (I am completely serious) so I use every free moment in school and times when I am supposed to be watching a movie during school and I work on homework.
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Hudd Hudd
You probably don't work efficiently and you probably don't utilize class time effectively. There's no way you have 8 legitimate hours worth of homework as a freshmen in no honors classes. Students at my school with 4 AP classes don't even have that much. I have 3 and don't even come close to 4 hours, and I am an "overachiever" type. Find ways to study more efficiently. Eliminate distractions, first off. Don't multitask, it seems as though it will help you get things done but it's hard to concentrate and ends up taking longer. Pay attention in class and make sure you completely understand the concept before you begin homework - doing homework you don't understand is going to take you longer than spending a few extra minutes asking questions to make sure you have it down. Make sure you use your class time effectively. Don't start packing up your things 2 minutes before the bell rings, keep working on things. Don't go to class and spend the first 2 minutes socializing, read a page of your book or do a math problem instead. If you are watching a movie in class, get out your homework for another class.
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Enda Enda
Well I have a friend and she stays up till maybe 1 am or even midnight like you. It stresses her out too. But her problem is she takes her time. I think that with your homework, thats probably too much. If your one of those over achievers, maybe try not working so hard. Maybe if you also study too much, cut it down a bit. I think its ok maybe to have 3 hours of homework or maybe a little more than that but not 8 hours. :)
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Codie Codie
How the heck do you have all AP in your freshman year? Here they will not allow you at all to take AP until you are a junior and there is no pre-AP along with it (there is advanced, but not pre-AP). If you didn't take any pre-AP in middle school you are probably screwed. I think you may be getting about 3 hours at the most of homework if every teacher you have assigns something. If you get any more then that, you really need to drop at least 1 AP for a regular class.
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