Why are UFO reports discounted?

Why are UFO reports discounted? Topic: Writing a problem solving report
June 24, 2019 / By Nedabiah
Question: Just because we humans, on Earth, have not advanced enough to have: Warp Drive Phasers Sub-Space Radio Photon Torpedos Why do we continue to insist that, if we, Earthlings, do not have this tech, that other races, on other planets, must not have it either? Is it not, in fact, possible, that races, such as the Asgard, who have been around much longer then we have, would have developed such technologies? I do not understand the human insistence that, "if human beings have not done it, yet, then it hasn't been done" Is this really nothing more than arrogance, of the worst magnitude? What wonders, of the universe, await us, when we give up on the idea that we are either "alone", or that we are the "top" of the "food chain"? What harm would it cause, to our existance, if we found out that Earth, by other names, was, originally, a colony world? If we do have bretheren, out, in the universe, why should we fear them? Would they really waste time, man-power, and ammo, attacking Earth? Why do we teach fear, of the unknown, in the universe, instead of reaching out. Maybe, other, move advanced, civilizations, have solved many of the problems we still deal with. Are these really reasons to discount UFO reports, and call witnesses "crazy"? Perhaps starships, battlestars, and Asgard cruisers, currently, DO, monitor the space, around Earth, hoping for signs we are outgrowing our need to hurt, and kill, one another. Why couldn't this be possible?
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Kevin Kevin | 2 days ago
Because people have been progammed to trust and only trust chalkboard calculations and not to trust what scientist have labled as impossible. I think outside the box and I go to great lengths to look at the box itself. These same scientist will tell you that the Universe started out the size of a pin then exploded into the cosmos and with the same breath will tell you that no intelligent lifeform is smart enough to cross the vast distances of space. If they cannot write a formula for it - it didnt happen, it didnt exist, it will never happen, its impossible and best of all it's your imagination.
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Hudde Hudde
While I agree that just because human beings haven't done something does not mean it cannot be done; I also think there is a huge difference between what is *really happening* and what is merely possible. The way to determine which is which, is simple, just check and see what is actually supported by evidence. You are mixing reality with fiction in your question. That leads me to think you are perhaps not able to recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. For example there is no such thing as the "Asgard", they are just a plot device in the science fiction TV series Stargate SG-1. The word "battlestars" likewise is from the movie and TV series "Battlestar Galactica" which is also a science fiction franchise. While terms like "Warp Drive", "Phasers", "Sub-Space", "Photon Torpedos" are all terms from the Star Trek science fiction TV franchise, and again they are not real, they are just made up. If you learned more about real science you might not find science fiction stories quite so plausible. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy science fiction as entertainment, but it is not a substitute for actual scientific study and actual data that is verifiable. Real science is the stuff that will actually make your fantasy become reality. It may not be as exciting as your science fiction shows, but it will make it possible for us to one day do the things you dream about. There is nothing wrong with accepting that extraterrestrial alien civilizations are possible, but to assume that they are here - without actual physical evidence, is not reasonable. Just relying on anecdotes, tall tales, and fuzzy thinking, instead of facts, is being gullible, and setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment when you discover that people prefer to tell an exciting or interesting lie rather than tell a relatively dull but true story.
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Enoch Enoch
Alien ship sighting are not true. Some are of other objects such as areoplanes, meteors etc. and others are hallucinations. Some UFO news is faked so even if a real alien ship was to come, it will be ignored unless someone can meet the aliens personally and show the world. But aliens are not going to do that. So keep discounting the UFO sightings. There is a 0.00000001 % chance or less of an alien ship sighting. Therefore it does not make sense in investigating thousands of UFO sightings in hope of finding something true. They just do it to make news. A UFO is an unidentified flying object, a flying object that has not been identified. So even a balloon can be a UFO!
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Cody Cody
They are discounted simply because there is no any evidence for it. In science, eye witness testimony is the lowest form of evidence. Did you know that once a cop was chasing what he thought was an flying object which later turn out to be a planet. Most laymen don't know what the hell they are looking at. The problem with UFO sighting is this. What you are saying is, it's unidentified, I don't know what it is, so it must be alien from other planet. See the problem there? If you do not know what it is, then you should not say it's alien because you do not know what you're looking at. How can someone confidently claim it's alien? You mentioned arrogance. It's actually arrogant to think that an alien so advance would come to us. If an alien could travel across the galaxy, we would be as significant as a retarded cockroach.
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Antuan Antuan
Because failing to identify a flying object is not remarkable. We are very good at it. Nor are anecdotes particularly remarkable. We're quite good at telling stories and people frequently add colourful details in retelling. >> Would they really waste time, man-power, and ammo, attacking Earth? Would they really waste time joyriding in atmosphere with their running lights on? If they wanted to make contact, would they not make contact in an obvious fashion? If they wanted to avoid making contact, would they not be more competent at evading contact than the anecdotes would suggest? >> Are these really reasons to discount UFO reports, and call witnesses "crazy"? Not all witnesses are crazy. Some actually saw something and merely didn't understand what it was. Some have just retold their story in a fashion to maximise entertainment value. And some (like the infamous Jerusalem UFO on YouTube) are just totally fabricated whole cloth. What tends to be missing from these stories is any sort of compelling evidence. >> What harm would it cause, to our existance, if we found out that Earth, by other names, was, originally, a colony world? No harm at all. It would just go against every available line of evidence. For instance, we're genetically related to all life on Earth. Life on Earth has a fossil record going back billions of years. We appear in the record right near the end. What harm does it do you if we don't just take your word for it? >> Perhaps starships, battlestars, and Asgard cruisers, currently, DO, monitor the space, around Earth, hoping for signs we are outgrowing our need to hurt, and kill, one another. I note that you have failed to provide compelling evidence for this "perhaps". @Bubby: actually, anti-intellectualism and anti-science thinking which breeds the sort of straw man you just made is vigorously prolific among the severely normal. Rest assured, you have many compatriots in that cause... far more than there are individuals who are truly scientifically literate, even in most First World countries. "It doesn't matter if there's any compelling evidence to support it or not; it's TRUE," is the core of all too many cherished beliefs, and all too few individuals ever move beyond that.
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