Computer is running way too hot?

Computer is running way too hot? Topic: Computer case side fan
July 19, 2019 / By Ned
Question: My computer has been making my room get upwards of 90 degrees within a few hours. It is a rather high end gaming computer with three monitors, It has a corsair h60 water colling for the cpu but the graphics cards are air cooled. Anything I can do to keep the darn thing from getting so hot? I have an industrial fan, but it kind of ruins it when I am playing games because it is so darn loud!
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Kevyn Kevyn | 3 days ago
I have Dual Nvidia GTX560Ti video cards, and an intel 2600k running at 3.4 ghz. When I had the Corsair h60 mine ran very warm as well. I switched to the H100 and it seem to cool much more efficiently. Honestly my case barely get's warm now. I have a rather large Corsair case with a very large low RPM front and side fans. It runs almost silent. When I am running BF3 or Crysis 2 @ maximum resolution I hear the H100 rans rev up a bit, but it still maintains it's cool and is very quiet. I have no additional cooling. Maybe larger case and next step up in processor cooling would help.
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Colbert Colbert
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