How do I help my addiction to the computer?

How do I help my addiction to the computer? Topic: How to write a reading log
June 24, 2019 / By Neely
Question: I am absolutely addicted to neopets! And I always tell myself that I am going to spend only like 1 hour on the computer that day, but then I just go ahead and waste the whole day on the computer! And I need to read some books in about a month if I want to go to the Ice Cream Party at my school with my friends, but I never read because I'm too busy playing on the computer. Even at school, because me and my best-best-best friend are so advanced the teachers just tell us to read or get on the internet. And even when I do read, I can't seem to say the words in my mind. I have to sort of mouth them with my tongue, and that gets tiring. Has anyone else ever had that problem? And how do I help this computer/neopets addiction I have?
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Kian Kian | 4 days ago
I am also an addict to the computer. I play World of Warcraft quite excessively. So much so that I'm surprised that I'm passing all my classes. However, to curb that obsession I've canceled my subscription, which was a needed measure since I have finals coming up soon. The difference with your issue though is that Neopets doesn't have a subscription service so obviously you wouldn't be able to use the same method as me. However, what I think you could do is make a log of your playing time. Perhaps if you see how much time you're spending on Neopets in writing, then you'll be more inclined to stop. You could also set a timer. You said that you made a mental note of only playing one hour. It's possible that just thinking that won't stop you from playing over your limit. What could help is setting up a timer so that you're aware of when you've reached your limit. Something more tangible could probably help you. If you want to be more drastic you could also just pull out your internet cord each time you want to force yourself to read. Doing that helps my internet addiction because in order to get back on I'd need to replug my internet cord. This extra step helps me think twice before getting back on.
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Kian Originally Answered: How can I battle against computer addiction?
Internet addiction is a real addiction and it is a growing problem, especially for kids your age. I suspect that most of your classmates have varying degrees of computer dependence. It must be very frustrating to feel like there is nothing else to do! Recognizing the problem and seeking help is a great first step and shows you are very mature! Since you need immediate help, an Internet filter can help you right now. The filter can allow you to block certain categories of content - -for example if you are particularly distracted by gaming sites, you can block all gaming sites or the ones on which you spend too much time. Or you can set it up to allow a few select sites - like your school site for studying purposes. Or you can set a schedule and allow yourself very limited time online each day. It will be easiest if a family member will help you by setting up the filter and managing it for you. Here is a leading filter that blocks and limits time online and can send alerts. It's free to try: http://www.optenetpc.com It sounds like beyond the problem of spending too much time online, some other things are going on and causing stress. It is important to discuss what is going on with an adult - family, parents, teachers, school counselors, etc. And to do this in person, not on the internet. if you are able, work on finding some non-computer activities that you are interested in and find a way to participate - sports, drama, art, film making, scouts, nature activities. Just get yourself started in anything where you can connect with other kids!
Kian Originally Answered: How can I battle against computer addiction?
i had the same problem! okay i unplugged my computer and told my parents to hid it for me! and i told them that whenever i wanted to use it i would need to do a chore around the house, like do the dishes are vacum, and sooo on. soon i wasnt using it at all. not even for homework, i typed my essays in school. im only on for a total of 1 hour per day. i go jogging a lot now too! so i lost some weight (: you might wanna try it! lemme know if i helped!

Hue Hue
You have a few options. You could give him an ultimatum: you or the games. If he chooses the games he's not worth it. You could turn off your internet if they are computer games or hide his game system. Also you need to make yourself less available to him. What ever you do DON'T let his addiction interfere with your life. My husband was addicted to video games and I would just sit there and wait and wait for him to stop playing and I would waste so much time waiting around and I missed out on a lot. Don't let that happen to you! When he turns the games on just leave and go do your own thing. Don't even tell him where you are going. Don't waste time sitting around waiting or asking him to get off the game or yelling- simply leave. I finally got so fed up with the games that I said "If you don't get rid of your games today I'm leaving and I'm never coming back and then you will be all alone with your games forever" The number one rule is that you MUST follow what you say. If you don't stick to it he will know you are bluffing and keep playing. Good luck!!!
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Enosh Enosh
I used to be obsessed with Neopets, less than a year ago. xDD But then my computer broke, and I didn't get the chance to go on it. When I finally was able to go back on, I just wasn't interested in it. Try to go about a day without it, then increase every time you succeed. In the mean time, watch TV, play a board game, talk to a friend, have a snack. I know how that problem is, and I'll hope you can get through it. (:
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Enosh Originally Answered: I need help getting over my tv addiction?
Ween yourself off of it. So watch one show for half an hour, then do chores/homework for half an hour. If you keep doing that, gradually you'll have your addiction completely controlled. Also helps if you work on your homework during commercial breaks.

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