I'm in california and i really dont like it too much?

I'm in california and i really dont like it too much? Topic: California research sites
June 25, 2019 / By Nehemiah
Question: My dad bugged me to travel with him to california for spring break and i didnt have anything else to do so i was like ok. Now im here in San Francisco, and its a crowded *** city with tons of folks everywhere. I really dont like cities and am finding out i really dont care for travel either. Im only 17 and i kind of want to go back to tennessee only after 2 days here. Is this wrong or what?
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Kiaran Kiaran | 5 days ago
You just have the wrong attitude. You didn't do any research on the trip beforehand, so you don't know what you are seeing or could see. Consider it a great adventure. San Francisco is a wonderful city to visit (Alcatraz, cable cars, Telegraph Hill), great food (fresh seafood, sourdough bread), interesting people (hippies, cross-dressers), shopping (everything you can imagine). Go to local.yahoo.com and search for something that interests you -- baseball, skateboarding, coins -- and you will find great places to visit in San Francisco related to it. Google "san francisco tourism" for sites with all kinds of information. Don't be a downer. This is a great opportunity that so many people would love to experience.
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Huey Huey
Hi Jay, Some people are country folks, others are city folks. No shame in that. When you go back, I think you'll be one of those folks that is happy to stay in the country, since you've had a taste of the city and didn't care for it. Kind of like trying food. At least you've tasted it, and discovered you didn't like it. Yeah, SF is crowded, especially if you are not used to it. However, the grownup thing to do is just suck it up for a few days, and endure it. Enjoy the time with yoru dad. Try to see a few of the sights there, because there are some pretty cool things to see. When I'm there, I always like to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. When you walk it, you get a sense of how massive the structure really is. Look at those rivets. A lot of hard work, blood, and sweat went into building that. Walk all the way across, then back. Think about what it was like when there was no roadway, no sidewalk, only towers and some beams. Those men had guts that built that. Have a little fun at Ghirardelli Square. Walk up the hill to Lombard Street and see the world's crookedest street. And go check out the sea lions around Pier 39. I'll bet you don't have THOSE in TN. Hang in there, and when it's all over, you might look back and realize it wasn't so bad after all.
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Ephah Ephah
Wow - you have the chance to explore a terrific city like San Francisco and you're sitting around moping about wanting to go home?? You'll be back in dreary old Tennessee soon enough. What you need is an attitude adjustment. Perhaps you didn't do any research before you left for SF. You can still get out there and find tourist info [or look on your computer!] and have at least a couple of days of fun. You don't know how lucky you are to have a chance to have new experiences....
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Cole Cole
You kind of are giving out a bad vibe. First off, you wouldn't know how much I would LOVE my dad to bug me to go somewhere simple with him like a walk to Vons with him, let alone a trip across the country. Be lucky you have a dad that actually cares to acknowledge your presence and would love to spend some time with you. Second, it seems that you're a little scared to try something new. Why not? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Make the best of a terrible situation and you'll see that it's not so bad.
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