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June 24, 2019 / By Nelson
Question: Hello! I lease out a duplex unit in WI. My tenants are currently on a month to month agreement with a 45 day notice period. On October 1, I sent a letter asking them to sign a new lease agreement to covering December to March (to protect my interests during those colder harder to rent months that are coming. I asked for a response by 10/15 (tomorrow) as that would have been 45 days prior to December 1. However, they have not responded yet. I did not expect them to wait until that day to respond and if they do not respond by tomorrow I need to do something myself. Likwise, I am not sure how to handle this. Do I terminate their agreement and send a letter to vacate? or Do I place a copy of the lease in their door and expect them to sign it since they have not provided notice that they would leave? They have not replied to my phone call so at this point I just want to protect myself. I am not an aggressive or confrontative person so banging on their door in the middle of the night is not going to be my style. What to do????
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Killian Killian | 9 days ago
How long have these tenants been your tenants? Do you think they will move? I think you already know the answer. Why? Here are your own words: "On October 1, I sent a letter asking them to sign a new lease agreement to covering December to March (to protect my interests during those colder harder to rent months that are coming." O.K. If it is harder to find tenants in the winter then this means tenants stay put during the winter. Nobody is moving around. So, if you have that problem then doesn't every rental property owner? If your tenants move out, then they have to go somewhere don't they? Perhaps they go to a different rental property? Now, lets apply some logic here. Your tenants give 45 days notice on Oct. 1 and vacate by Nov. 15. It takes you no more than two weeks to turn the units around. Now it is somewhere close to Nov. 30th. That's not quite winter, but it is very close to winter. Now you risk going through December through March with no tenants vs. having tenants now who may stay for all or part of that time. Do you want to enter the winter season with an empty unit(s)? You've already posted how hard it is to rent during the winter. Why risk killing the golden rent goose?
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Killian Originally Answered: Can my landlords do this?
Sounds like they are within their rights. Check the terms of your lease: it's not normal for people to be allowed to take in roommates - presumable ones who pay you to share the place. Don't know how you would have gotten another person added to your "old lease." As for the list of things wrong, you should send your copy of the list to the new landlords, via registered mail, so that later (in court) you could point that they were advised that a past lease-holder apparently acknowledged the damages. (Best if you have the old landlord's signature on that "paper.") But you HAVE to respond to official corresppondence from your landlord, whether your bf wants you to or not. Whay don't you want to sign a new lease? That should satisfy the landlord.
Killian Originally Answered: Can my landlords do this?
First question: You are on a month to month tenancy. The landlord can give you a 30 day written notice to quit so if he gave that notice on July 31 then yes you need to go by Aug 31. If you want to stay then you will have to sign their 1 year lease. The new lease cannot take effect until 30 days after you received notice of it which will be Aug 31 not Aug 1. Next question: If you have a copy of the original lease with the room mate's name listed as a tenant show this to the new landlord, since you were under a month to month tenancy I would say he does NOT have to let the room mate sign onto the new lease. Final question: Where is your signed copy of the list of damages, even if the landlord's copy is missing yours will do.

Hughe Hughe
Present it this way, in writing: The monthly rent is going up to $____, but if you sign a 6-month agreement it will be discounted to $_____. However, if they are paying every month on time and you are holding a security deposit, why rock the boat?
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Erik Erik
absolutely leave an agreement on their door or snail mail one. never heard of a 4 mo lease but.......why not?
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Erik Originally Answered: Help with greedy LANDLORDS?
This is simple--you rent by the month so to expect a pro-rated rent at the end would be altering the original agreement...You don't rent weekly or by the day...It is difficult to rent an apartment in the middle of the month so the landlord would most likely be stuck with two weeks of no rent.,,,.I would go back to the new place and request to move in on the first so you are back on track with everyone.It is wrong to assume that you are going to get screwed out of your Security---if you don't give a reason...Do a walk through with the owner at the end and attempt to fix or clean anything in dispute...Take pictures and also photograph a daily newspaper as proof of date...In most states a time frame is stated for return of Security..Usually 30 days -but yours may differ...If the Landlord fails to respond-it is your right to file a small claim and challenge his claims...Some states will force the Landlord to return a double security as penalty if you win your case.

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