What would you want your teen to do?

What would you want your teen to do? Topic: Worst and best case scenario for first time
June 25, 2019 / By Neo
Question: A few days ago I was in a lot of pain and I didn't want to tell my parents. So I took one of my moms pain pills. Nothing else was working and I was desperate. A little while later I was laying on the couch because I hurt so bad and my dad brought me over some Tylenol and Advil to take. I didn't want to turn it down because then they would ask questions and I didn't want to lie to them so I took it. I got really sick that night from all the medicine and my mom asked me why and I couldn't lie to her so I told her the truth. This was the next morning and they were getting ready to leave out of town for the day so she said she would deal with me when they got home. I waited all day finally they got home and my mom informed me that I would have to wait until she calmed down before we would talk about what I did. I've done a lot of stupid stuff lately. I don't mean to it just kinda keeps happening. Anyways a few days went by and then last night my mom sat me down and told me that I had lost her trust and that I would have to earn it back. I expected a lot of things like being grounded or them talking away driving privileges but not that. I never expected to loose her trust. She told me that it would take time and I realize that. I have accepted it and I guess it's fair. I've messed up a lot and pushed to far. I guess the thing I need help with is how do I earn it back. She told me I'm not longer allowed to get my own meds. Either she or my father has to get them for me. And they're all now locked in a closet. I agree that's fair too. I just... I don't mean to keep messing up it just keeps happening. My mom also told me that at this point if I keep messing up she'll take away more of my privileges. What do I do? how do I fix this? How do I earn back her trust? I'm no longer allowed to get my own meds (Tylenol, Advil, ect..) That's what I've lost so far oh and I"m 16
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Kim Kim | 10 days ago
No matter how perfect people may seem, we have all done something in our childhood that we had to take responsibility for. You are definitely not the first. You lost your mom's trust by sneaking around and stealing from her, which is exactly what you did by taking her pain pills. As a mother, I know that must have rocked her world. It will take time to earn her trust back, but how long depends on your future actions as well as your relationship with her. You started out right, by confessing to what you did and accepting responsibility for it. The only thing you can do now is to truly think through your choices before you act on them. Imagine the worst-case scenario and ask yourself, "would it be worth it?" Do whatever your parents ask of you without so much as a dirty look. You are in the doghouse, but how you act while you're in there will determine how long you stay. Let your mom know that you realize what you did was not only deceptive, but that you could have caused real harm to yourself. Apologize to her for stealing and tell her that you respect your body enough to never do anything like that again. Don't expect her to believe you, that will come in time. You just gotta ride it out now, kiddo. You'll be alright.
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There is the obvious: most teens aren't ready for the demands of parenthood. But as far as pregnancy goes, I had several friends in high school who got pregnant. While the childrearing itself is the most difficult, the pregnancy is no cakewalk either. First of all, most schools and teachers are unsympathetic to expecting teens. I watched as one of my friends got refused extra bathroom breaks all throughout her pregnancy by teachers at her school because it was 'her fault she had to urinate more." Morning sickness is not considered a legitamite reason for absences, and a lot of PE teachers will not take into account the girl's newfound restrictions. Of course these are all things that SHOULDN'T happen at schools, but they do. Not to mention the general scrutiny of your peers. Also, if you are in any position of authority at your school (a president or chair of a club or committee) it is not uncommon for a pregnant mother to be asked to step down since they are no longer considered adequate role models for their classmates. They usually can no longer participate in organized sports, especially cheerleading or volleyball which can be dangerous when pregnant. Many of the expecting mother's friends dissapear, as she can no longer participate in a lot of normal teen activity while pregnant. The list goes on and on.

Hughie Hughie
no matter what, u did the right thing to tell ur parents. u seem like a very bright girl with a very level head. just explain to ur mom that u keep messing up a lot and most of the things u dont mean to do. ur mom sounds pretty reasonable too. she should understand. it always takes longer to earn trust than it does to destroy it. just be patient, and do what u think is right from now on. even if that means sucking up through any punnishments u might get. maturity is the easiest way to earn back trust. hope this helps and good luck sweety.
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Erle Erle
how old are you exactly? maybe your parents think you might overdose? have u been acting different around them lately? also, they are not handling it the best way, they should be talking to you and telling you why they were wrong to take and stuff. to earn back her trust you should first have a talk with her and be like "oh i'm sorry i've been acting different lately, i seem to be going through a difficult stage in my life because its hard growing up. and that you really want her to know that you'll try to be better. the trust thing will take time. just be good from now on and do extra things they dont ask u to do like dishes, making your bed, etc.
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Colman Colman
I don't know. I never understood the earning back trust thing. You just go about life not getting into trouble and that gets your trust back or something. I don't know. I am 19 and my mom still hides the meds. Weird..I have never given her a reason to do so. Just don't mess up. What priviledges has she taken away so far?
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Areli Areli
Well first off I give a thumbs up to you for admitting that you did take her pain medication. From now on though, you should be totally up front with her, tell her that you are sorry for taking medication without her permission, and show her that you are sincere with your apology, and I know that you really do care about their feelings, cause if you didn't you wouldn't be asking this question. So I suggest you just really make your apology caring, and show your parents that you really do feel bad about this whole situation. Good luck!!~~~
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Trista Trista
Trust is easy to lose and hard to get back in fact it is the hardest thing in the world to get from anyone. there is nothing that you can do but do the right thing and keep doing it that is the only thing that you can do. there is no quirk fixes to this and you have no choice but to ether set things right by way of showing that you can be trusted or by staying with things the way they have been and have no trust with them. The fact that you told her the truth is something that i would have to say is something that is going in your favor and is something that could really help you get things back to that way that you have the trust again. good luck
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Samanta Samanta
Its gonna take time. Theres no quick fix to earning back someone's trust. Just try your best to be truthful, reliable and trustworthy whenever they ask you something or ask you to do something. Maybe you should have just told your mom that nothing else was working and that you wanted to try one of her pain pills. Its unlikely she would have said no if she understands you're in pain. communication isn't that hard. Good Luck.
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Nirvana Nirvana
Keep on your best behavior. I have had to earn my mom's trust back before & that's how I did it. There isn't much you can do anymore, at least you didn't lie about it. Also, apologize if you haven't already.
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Lynnette Lynnette
that seems a little harsh to me... My mom expects me to get myself and other pople medicene... but anyways, I know what you feel like.. nothing is going right Try cleaning the house everyday. Do things before they are asked. Pick up siblings from school. Anything to show your mom you are more responsible then she thinks.
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i have a 14yr old son that has adhd... and let me start by saying u need a meeting at his school and have a talk with ALL the teachers... if hes having a problem with one of the teachers then they need to move him or someone needs to teach that teacher how to deal with a child with adhd. i had the same problem with my son last yr. and come to find out he (my son) didnt care because that 1 teacher was making him look bad in front of everyone anyways. well i had a run in with the teacher. it was a ugly meeting and i told him what i thought of his teaching skills. well he was wrote up.. and this year my son is doing great. he has that teacher but instead of my son having i dont care attitude he has i will show u i can pass ur class cause even if u dont think i can i know i can and my parents know it too. sit down and talk (not yell) to ur son ask him what can be changed to better the problem. i bet he has an answer but just waitin to see who will help him... hes a teenager and has enough to deal with in life and im sure he would like it to be better. goodluck

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