Where can I buy a real lightsaber?

Where can I buy a real lightsaber? Topic: How to write a design specification
July 18, 2019 / By Nethaneel
Question: I am tired of people saying Star wars is gay. Where can I buy a real lightsaber so that I can cut through walls and ****. I also am looking for someone to teach me how to use the force. Will pay!!!!
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Kimball Kimball | 1 day ago
As Luke Skywalker tells his younglings at the Jedi Academy, "The components are fairly simple. Every lightsaber has a standard power source, the same type used in small blasters, even in glowpanels. They last a long time, though, because Jedi should rarely use their lightsabers... [] One of the other crucial pieces is a focusing crystal. The most powerful and sought-after gems are rare Kaiburr crystals. However, though lightsabers are powerful weapons, their design is so flexible that practically any kind of crystal can be used." A lightsaber must be made of * Lightsaber hilt * Pommel cap * Diatium power cell * Inert power insulator * Focusing lens * Lightsaber crystal * Emitter matrix * Blade emitter Jedi make their lightsabers out of certain types of chemicals that have the different colors- each Jedi makes their own out of natural material. Some of the great Jedi like Yaddle and Mace Windu went so far as to make lightsabers out of unique minerals that create a color no one else has (orange for Yaddle, purple for Windu). Sith make theirs out of synthetic material, which only glows red. It's better for killing people with. You should do that. Look at Wookieepedia for specifications. If this comes to be too difficult, I recommend a Hasbro Lightsaber Flashlight, reconstructed with a stronger light beam. It has sound effects and scares people in the dark if you get the Darth Vader one. Feel the Force flowing through you. If you have enough Midi-chlorians, you will sense it. Although, for those non-Force-senstitives out there, hopefully someone will come up with a way to make more real-ish lightsabers.... someday..... --If people think I wasted my time writing this, know that I've been writing stuff on Star Wars forums all morning. Don't doubt the amateur Star Wars nerd.--
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Hugo Hugo
one problem there is no such thing!! the more realistic lightsabers get the more delicate they get as well. I have five fx lightsabers which all cost around $100-300. Not to sound mean but its childish to actually think there is a such thing. Its just special effects that they did in the movie. The Force and lightsabers that cut clean threw walls don't exist, sorry to burst your bubble.
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Ern Ern
Star Wars Attack of the Clones Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Re-create the excitement of the Attack of the Clones climactic lightsaber battle--with real movie sound effects and a light-up blade. Just press the button to light up the glowing arc-wave energy blade and hear the power-activation "humming" sound. The lightsaber extends to over 3 feet long with battle-clash sounds activated on contact. http://www.amazon.com/Attack-Clones-Anakin-Skywalker-Lightsaber/dp/B0000632R3/?tag=partptl-20 ...................... I would like to say you can check out at ebay there are goodproduct available. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574865779&toolid=10001&campid=5336440665&customid=partptl&mpre=http%3a%2f%2fshop.ebay.com%2fi.html%3f_nkw%3da%2breal%2blightsaber%26_sacat%3d0%26_odkw%3dTwilight%2bsneakers%26_osacat%3d0%26_trksid%3dp3286.c0.m270.l1313
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Colt Colt
You need to train to be a jedi first. Then you must obtain a lightsaber lisence. you need to train your way from padawan to blade master. And lastly the force is inside you. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS BELIEVE
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Aric Aric
Take a run to Jedi-R-Us. They may have the light sabres - although I believe you are expected to build your own. And I believe you have a spelling mistake in your last sentence; you used the word "force" when I'm sure you meant "farce."
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